Bombshell: Congresswoman Tells CNN U.S. Gov Funds ISIS

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Congresswoman tells CNN that American government funds both ISIS and Al Qaeda

Brave Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard told CNN that the U.S. government funds both ISIS and Al Qaeda, in a live interview. 

According to the Hawaii representative, Donald Trump’s priority as President should be de-funding both of these terrorist organisations as soon as possible. reports:

“I love my job. The people of Hawaii chose me to work again in November.

My goal in going there, in receiving the invitation to speak to President-Elect Trump was to speak specifically about the situation in Syria and the consequences of escalating the regime change war that the United States is ruling along with countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey and escalating that view a no-fly zone or safe zone.

And urging him to end the regime change war, to stop funding directly and indirectly groups working with ISIS and Al Qaeda and to stop funneling the dollars and weapons and assistance from others directly supporting the terrorist groups who are supposed to be our enemy who we are supposed to be fighting to defeat.”

When Tapper asked her if she was suggesting the US was funding these terrorist groups, she said we were.

“I am not only suggesting it. This is the reality that we are living in. If you or I were to go and provide money, weapons or support to a group like al Qaeda or ISIS, we’d be thrown in jail. However, the U.S. Government has been providing money, weapons, intel, assistance and other types of support through the CIA directly to these groups that are working with and are affiliated with al Qaeda and ISIS.”

Tapper asked for confirmation and he got it.

Rep. Gabbard said, “There have been numerous reports from news outlets who have declared the rebel groups formed battlefield alliances with Al Qaeda. Essentially Al Qaeda groups are in charge of every single rebel group on the ground fighting in Syria to overthrow the Syrian government.”

Tapper said intelligence services screen these groups to make sure that doesn’t happen but Rep. Gabbard disagrees.

I beg to differ,” she said. “Evidence has shown time and time again that that is not the case, that we are both directly and indirectly supporting these groups who are allied with or partnered with Al Qaeda and ISIS, and working to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad and we have also provided the support through countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar to do that.”

Wikileakes recently leaked the Podesta emails in which Hillary Clinton admitted the US was funding Saudi Arabia and Qatar who were in turn funding terrorist groups.

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