Cyber Caliphate Hacks Wrong Google Website

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cyber caliphate

The ‘Cyber Caliphate Army’ of the ‘Islamic State/ISIS’ launched an unsuccessful attack on the world’s most visited website, Google.

The attack failed after the hackers wrongly targeted a website with a similar name belonging to an Indian man.

Belfast Telegraph reports:

“We promised to hack Google,” the group declared.

“Keep the promise inshallah [God willing], expect us today.”

However, a few hours later, they had instead defaced the website, which is reportedly registered by someone named Gandani K. from India.

After it was hacked, the website played an Isis song in French and displaced the group’s logo along with a sign saying “Hacked By: CCA”.

The group also allegedly published a list of 35 British websites it had targeted, saying the attacks were revenge for the killing of British-born Isis hacker Junaid Hussain.

Hussain was killed by a US airstrike last year.

Among the sites targeted were those of a salon, an instructor who offers Japanese dance classes and businesses selling bedroom furniture and laminate flooring.

The hackers said the attacks were “a message to David Cameron”.

The attacks follow pro-Isis hackers’ threats that they would target the founders of Facebook and Twitter for shutting down their social media accounts.

Last year, Isis hackers successfully accessed the Twitter account of the United States Central Command, posting personal details of senior officers.

cyber caliphate
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