Democrat Mayor and BLM Official Who Raped Children Released From Jail

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Former Democrat mayor who raped children released from jail

Former Democrat Maor Robert Jacob, who is charged with multiple counts of child rape, has been released from jail pending further proceedings in his case.

A Sonoma County judge ordered the release of Jacob on Thursday, despite the fact that he raped children and trafficked them to other pedophiles.

The charges against Jacob, 44, include five counts of lewd acts with a child, two counts of procuring a child under the age of 16 for lewd acts and sexual penetration of someone under the age of 16.

Jacob, the Democratic former mayor of Sebastopol in Sonoma County, Northern California, was arrested last week. He was an advocate for “defunding the police” and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. reports: According to local police, the child sex abuse from Jacob may have begun from December 2019 and continued through March 2021. Jacob was in the Sebastopol City Council from 2012 to 2016 and was appointed Mayor of Sebastopol in 2013. The small city is located almost 89 KM north of San Francisco.

Jacob is openly gay and married according to his Facebook profile. He was featured in a glowing profile done by The New York Times in 2014. According to NYT, “Mr. Jacob far outraised and outspent his rivals by running the most expensive campaign in Sebastopol’s history.”

Jacob had vocally supported, hailed BLM rioters

Jacob was a consistent critic of former U.S. President Donald Trump, especially during the BLM riots of 2020. On Facebook, Jacob thanked the BLM “rioters” explicitly, crediting the actions of the BLM rioters for “creating change”.

“Everyone wants to make the rioters the enemy. They are our warriors. Think of them as the infantry. They’re on the front lines, getting arrested, getting pepper sprayed, getting beaten. These rioters are, our rioters. People should be talking about them as hero’s. This is a war. A civil rights war. Violence is what it takes to win wars.” wrote Jacob on Facebook.

Also wanted to ‘defund the police’

In another Facebook post, Jacob advocated for “defunding the police”. “Defunding is about re-funding,” he wrote on Facebook. “Defund the police to re-fund the resources we’ve been slashing for generations.” Jacob also praised the Minneapolis city council’s commitment to dismantle its police department, which resulted in an upward spike of violent crime in Minneapolis, and the hiring of more police officers.

Sebastopol Police Chief Kevin Kilgore told local outlet SFGate that one victim, who remains unidentified due to the individual’s age, has decided to come forward. However, the investigation is still ongoing.

It’s traumatic for our community, it’s traumatic for the survivor of the sexual assault, it’s traumatic for everyone and it weighs a toll on our community,” Kilgore added.


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