DNC Leader: We Need To Stay In Afghanistan To Spread Feminism

Fact checked
Former DNC boss says American troops must remain in Afghanistan so we can spread feminism

Former DNC boss Howard Dean says American troops should remain in Afghanistan in the name of feminism. 

“By withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan you are condemning millions of women to the Stone Age,” Dean tweeted on Friday.

“No education, no choice about who they marry. They will become property when the Taliban takes over. Is that what you really want Ro?”

Information Liberation reports: Both Mike Pompeo and former US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert (now UN ambassador) similarly said back in May we need to overthrow the government of Iran to impose feminism:

Gone are the days of invading the world to “spread democracy.”

In prog-America, imperialist wars are waged to spread woke progressivism.