Doctor Tells People To ‘Grow the F**k Up & Get The Vaccine’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Jimmy Kimmel

A short video featuring several doctors ridiculing people who don’t want to have the coronavirus vaccine was aired during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Tuesday.

The doctors in the video were all seen bragging about their credentials with one of them even telling people to “grow the fuck up and take the vaccine.”

Breitbart reports: The half dozen people on the video who claim to be doctors spend a few minutes informing viewers of their medical credentials before excoriating people who read on the Internet that the coronavirus may be unsafe. The doctors make fun of people who are not doctors but who also argue against taking the vaccine.

As the video continues, the doctors lapse into ridicule.

“My life is spent trying to improve and to save yours,” One doctor in a white lab coat intones. “Oh, but you read something on Facebook?” another doctor says sarcastically. A female doctor next adds, “Your friend from high school, who sells jewelry, she posted it?” “The one who’s 53 and still builds doll houses?” another doctor snarks.

The doctors go on to ask if vaccine naysayers people have heard from are doctors or scientists, and then one sharply adds, “Then tell them to shut the fuck up.”

The doctors close by exclaiming “get the vaccine,” with one insisting, “grow the fuck up and get the vaccine.”

The smarmy exercise in snark ends with a screen quote reading, “brought to you by people who are smarter than we are.”

Kimmel also interviewed coronavirus adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who lamented that it is “very frustrating” when people talk ill of the various vaccines or refuse to take them.

“Yes, Jimmy, it is very frustrating,” Fauci said of those criticizing the vaccines. “There’s a societal responsibility that we should all have to put an end to this outbreak. And if you have a group of people who understandably may think that they are invulnerable because they are young and healthy… and therefore it doesn’t make any difference if they get infected because they likely will do well, that’s really not the right attitude.”


  1. I will listen to doctors….. but not those “doctors”. There are many doctors and scientists warning us about the shots. I see many reports of people who are seriously injured or dead soon after being injected.

    I really hope “doctors” who tell people to take the shots will soon face Nuremberg-style trials and there must be no mercy for them.

    • I saw numbers reporting on the death rate from the “vaccines” and it was about ten times the usual death rate which is somewhat over 300 annually and so far over 3,000 have died from this one. I suppose in the grand scheme of things considering this is a brand new thing no one ever had a chance to die from before compared to how many people have taken it that’s not a high number of deaths.

      However, I really believe if people object to taking it they should absolutely not be forced, but there are other reasons to object that are much more valid than the possibility of dying from it.

    • In Japanese philosophy and religion arrogance is seen as the first sign of major disease in either an individual ,a group community society corporation or nation .

  2. Tell me to do something that you know nothing about is just insane. If you could tell me about how this virus behaves then maybe. But you guys have no clue and you claim to be a doctor.

  3. Not all Doctors are heros. In fact, most would rather be golfing. Some are obnoxious little tyrants. The vaccines are not tested, they are not “guaranteed” safe. This is a all a sham. Covid variants CANNOT be immunized, it is a fact.

  4. Once of the “Doctors” says he is 53 years old abd his student loans wont be paid off until “long after he retires”
    He must not be very smart.

  5. I would say a good old ‘body-slam’ from a lumber jack is in order for Dr. Nobody; then we can see who is the bigger man

  6. Nowadays, everyone is a doctor or an expert. Those credentials and $6 might buy you a cup of coffee. They have been lying through their teeth for decades. Why would they change now?

  7. Kimmel and the rest of the a***holes need to STFU and let us make our own decisions. I do not need a late night POS to tell me anything
    this is still somewhat a free country. I hope they all have massive reactions from the shot of death

  8. Dr Thomas Flanigan mocked them too He even wrote his own obituary as a big laugh after receiving his Pfizer jobs, 1 and 2 and then, it’s so hilarious ,he suddenly died .So funny the msm forgot to mention that he had the jabs .

  9. Why be afraid of a ‘vaccine’ that might cause a multitude of various debilitating
    results up to and in including death? There is only a small chance
    that any one person will suffer those effects.

    Joe: Give it a try.

    Do you feel lucky? WELL DO YOU!?

  10. When the lights go out in the big city metropolis, the Leftist’s pet hordes will be having them for lunch by day three and I say bon appetit!

  11. Isn’t it amazing that the left has always been seen as supporting the “pro-choice” side when it comes to abortions and yet all of a sudden cease to be “pro-choice” when it comes to giving people freedom to decide on these vaccines.

  12. Well, considering Jimmy K is just another boy toy who only remains in the light so long as he stays on his knees, why should these doctor’s foul opinions matter to any one. Their words are nothing more than farts.

  13. A message for the Doctors pushing covid vaccination… The Hippocratic oath demands you speak up against malfeasance… advocate for expansion of VICP to include injury compensation for the covid vaccines, rather than insisting children who are low risk of adverse events with covid infection could benefit from a novel mrna vaccine that carries risks of adverse events and many unknowns… From efficacy in various groups, to transmission data, injury data, risks of antibody dependent enhancement in the longterm… during ongoing monitoring… with design methodologies that haven’t been fully released to promote transparent critical analysis. Why don’t you advocate for the inclusion of natural immunity data in estimations of Number Needed To Vaccinate to achieve herd immunity? Speak up against patient coercion and the lack of informed consent in an ongoing design! Speak up for pregnant women in their first trimester where miscarriage risk is naturally highest, and tell them they do not have to participate in an ongoing design with no first trimester safety data. Speak up against the Lancet Medical Journal’s unethical appointment of Ecohealth’s president Peter Daszak to investigate the outbreak origins! Lancet commission claimed he was a “geopolitically free man”? Ecohealth partnered with WIV in coronavirus research, and Ecohealth has accepted grants from our NIH, DOD, and Homeland security, and given over $600,000 to WIV… Peter is the literal definition of geopolitically influenced… a walking conflict of interest, and yet Lancet even helped obscure his relationship to WIV when he published an essay in their journal calling any lab leaks a conspiracy at the start!? Dear Doctors who arrogantly insult and berate us to get the EA vaccines… you know how malleable safety data can be, and how to lie with statistics. You know what quality replication, quality constructs and reliable measures measures can show. You know that excluding ARR discussions alongside RRR in efficacy research is blatantly unethical. Dear Doctors… ask our legislators to bet on the low risk of covid vaccine injury, rather than throwing lottery tickets in our faces. Academics… Speak up and remind the world that large financial incentives to attract volunteer participants is unethical and would be smacked down by an APA board precisely because it risks exploiting participant cooperation. None of you were allowed to engage in such unethical practices in your graduate programs, so you’re feigning ignorance! Your silence condones that you see nothing wrong with participant exploitation! Speak up against our government abusing technology by pressuring big businesses to scrub and censor our discussions of adverse events and vaccine injuries from social media. Did you drop your integrity after you graduated and half of you started taking payments from pharmaceutical manufacturers despite the fact that published research that has found even small meals to influence prescribing patterns? I know you must have when the federal patient payment sunshine database revealed that over half of you have accepted pharmaceutical manufacturer payments. Dear Doctors… Tell us how the lump coding or medDRA string coding measures that pull injury data from VAERS was strengthened in a manner that mitigated the limitations previous research has found with these coding measures… I just want to know why the CDC has stated that historically rigorous ongoing safety monitoring has been occuring when all the events of Warp Speed and ongoing vaccination actually point to the opposite. No talk of methodology to improve medDRA, no historically profound changes to the list of providers’ mandated VAERS reporting events vs recommended events, VSAFE methodology vague and obscured, both VSAFE and VAERS websites state they do not provide medical advice to vaccine recipients, VAERS pdf for patients and parents to report events contains an open text box yet no transparent methodology to discuss how inter-coder reliability was strengthened when raters transcribe events to the database. No accessible compensation routes for injured participants… Just CICP which a cursory glance at the program’s history shows is a dead end. NIH owns the patent to moderna yet didn’t make a peep of protest when their grant receiver… Ecohealth’s Peter Daszak… was appointed by the Lancet commission to investigate the outbreak?. Not a peep of protest when the WHO ALSO appointed Peter to their investigation?! Dear Doctors, you’ve set a new historical precedence by participating in the most egregious act of medical malfeasance while smiling, berating us, insulting us, and ignoring everything you were taught about bioethics and research ethics. These choices will follow you and your colleagues all of your careers.

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