Drug Addiction Help Via Skype

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A Skype Service is being used by a Charity Group to help with Addiction.

The Helpline is offered through the video-messaging tool.

Drugs in Lincs offers drug addicts and their families help and advice.

It was set up in Lincolnshire-England a year ago by Ian Bertram, whose son’s death through addiction lead him to the project.

It has already helped other communities in dealing with the problem.

  • The organisation works independently and with other agencies such as DART (Drug Alcohol Recovery Team) and Addaction.
  • The committee and group of volunteers offer a confidential, non-judgemental support to what they describe as ‘an ever-increasing number of clients’. They aim to break down barriers of denial, shame and embarrasment.
  • Their efforts saw them nominated for two Lincolnshire Community Voluntary Service awards receently.
  • Creating Drugs in Lincs was the brainchild of Ian whose son Simon died of an accidental drugs overdose in 2001.
  • During the period when his son was going through addiction, Ian said he searched for the support he so desperately needed, but he ‘drew a blank’.

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