Ebola Outbreak: Brooklyn Teen Hospitalized With Symptoms Of Deadly Virus After Trip To Sudan

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A 14-year-old Brooklyn boy was rushed to a hospital with Ebola-like symptoms Friday night, New York Daily News reported, citing officials. The 2014 Ebola outbreak has claimed 4, 033 lives out of 8, 399 documented cases in West Africa, while a U.S. Ebola patient died at a hospital in Dallas on Wednesday.

The teenager with high fever was brought to Brookdale Hospital after he fell unconscious, officials told the Daily News. The teenager reportedly fell ill during his two-week trip to the Sudan in North Africa. The boy was quarantined by the hospital staff and doctors were testing him to determine whether he had Ebola. Health officials were also reportedly determining if the teen’s relatives should be quarantined, sources told the Daily News.
“They’re not letting anyone come near him,” a law enforcement source told the paper.

The New York Police Department is also trying to find out the exact date on which the boy flew back into the country and how many people had been in physical contact with him since then. The teen has not officially been diagnosed with Ebola.

“Results for Ebola tests do not have an instantaneous turnaround,” a spokeswoman for the city’s Office of Emergency Management said.

The news comes as the first person to die from Ebola in the U.S. was cremated. The family of Thomas Duncan released medical records which revealed that after his initial visit to hospital, he had only been given a prescription for antibiotics and was sent home. Authorities were informed that he had recently returned from Liberia — the worst affected country in West Africa. He was subsequently diagnosed with Ebola in late September. The hospital where Duncan was treated, Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, has come under fire for its handling of his case.



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