El Salvador Has Refused To Recognize New Government In Brazil

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El Salvador Has Refused To Recognize New Government In Brazil

El Salvador has refused to recognize the new Brazilian government following the suspension of President Dilma Rousseff from office last week.

On Thursday Michel Temer became the acting president in Brazil when President Rousseff was suspended after the Senate voted to impeach her.

In a statement on Saturday President Salvador Sanchez Ceren said that of Rousseff’s suspension had “the appearance of a coup d’etat.”

“We have analyzed the situation and taken the decision to not recognize the interim government of Brazil because there was political manipulation,” the El Salvador leader said.

Other Latin American countries have also denounced  Rousseff’’s suspension.

Press TV reports:

He said he was recalling El Salvador’s ambassador to Brazil, who had already received orders not to attend any official ceremony involving interim President Michel Temer, who was Rousseff’s vice-president before breaking ranks with her.

Some other Latin American countries have also denounced the suspension.

President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, on Thursday, also called Roussef’s suspension a US-led coup, adding Washington aims to sabotage genuine democracy in the region.

Cuba also questioned the legality of the suspension, calling it a “judicial-parliamentary coup d’etat.”

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos said Rousseff’s suspension could have a negative impact on the stability of the region.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has said Beijing is closely monitoring the situation in Brazil. The official expressed hope that “all sides in Brazil can appropriately handle the present situation and maintain the country’s political stability and socio-economic development.”

Rousseff’s suspension will last 180 days, during which a special committee is to investigate whether she broke the country’s budget laws ahead of her re-election in 2014.

If Rousseff is convicted, Temer will serve as president until the end of 2018, when a new presidential election will be held.

Rousseff maintains that the move against her is part of a plot by the country’s extreme right. She has also described the impeachment attempt a coup.

WikiLeaks has revealed that Michel Temer, who took over as Brazil’s interim president, was an embassy informant for US intelligence

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