Emergency: Contaminated Michigan Water Causing Hair To Fall Out

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Residents of Flint, Michigan have said the water is making their hair fall out, as Obama declares a state of emergency

A state of emergency has been declared in Michigan as 100,000 of Flint city residents drank contaminated water that they say is causing their hair to fall out.

The reason for contamination has been blamed on inadequate chemical treatment of water that contained lead leached from old pipes in 2014.

YourNewsWire reader, Kushal Kumar, points out that a prediction of this exact scenario had been published in an astrological article entitled – “Astrological probable alerts for US in year 2016” – last year on 15 October, 2015.

The prediction stated:

“Use or storage of chemicals radiation material or nuclear stuff may be done with utmost care.   Preparations against earthquake at vulnerable regions could be useful.

Psychological aberrations or tendencies of suspicion and racial concerns may be carefully pre-empted, where vulnerable.”

The astrological prediction has proved to be correct.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has promised he will do everything in his power to resolve the water crisis, and has asked legislators for $28 million to help fix the problem.

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