European Union Vow To Steal ‘Superpower’ Status Away From U.S.

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European Union say they will become the next world's superpower

European Union leaders have promised to take over the role of being the world’s Superpower after America collapses following Donald Trump’s presidency. 

According to Maltese prime minister Joseph Muscat, Trump’s isolationist policies will give Europe the “opportunity for leadership it has always craved” on the world’s stage. reports:

He claimed countries around the world will be “looking” to Brussels for leadership in the aftermath of Mr Trump’s shock victory, which has been followed by a slew of controversial policy announcements.

Mr Muscat spoke as European leaders prepare to gather in his home country’s capital city, Valetta, for what will be the final meeting of the EU Council before Britain triggers Article 50.

Brexit and Mr Trump’s controversial ‘Muslim ban’ are likely to be hot topics of discussion at the informal get together, whilst bringing immigration under control is top of the agenda.

Speaking today Mr Muscat, who holds extra clout whilst his tiny island home holds the rotating EU presidency, said Europe’s anger at the new US President must not translatee into “anti-Americanism”.

In an interview with euractiv, he said: “The EU has to decide whether it is coming of age or not. That is the real big challenge ahead. Do we want to be the first of the followers or the leader?

“I do see this…as an opportunity for Europe to gain the leadership role that it has always craved for.

“There is an obvious vacuum where countries around the world are looking for leadership and this is an occasion that comes once in a couple of generations that Europe has now.”

Mr Muscat told the website that European leaders and voters should “take exception with the administration” of Mr Trump and not forget that the US has been a long-time ally of Brussels.

And he added that the EU must give out a message that it is “ready to be a key player” by pursuing an ambitious foreign policy, including sealing a free trade deal with China.

But he lamented: “I do not think we should be rubbing our hands with glee. In fact, I think it is sad that such a man has been elected president of the United States and a situation that we would rather not be experiencing.”

The Maltese PM’s insistence that Europe must take more action on the global stage may also be seen as a plea to fellow EU leaders not to let the bloc be taken over by post-Brexit Britain.

Eurocrats have been alarmed at the way the UK has embraced the rest of the world following the June 23 vote, reaffirming old ties and putting agreements for trade deals in place.

Brussels has watched on hopelessly as Theresa May and trade secretary Liam Fox have toured the globe drumming up business for Britain, and will be desperate to strike a big success to prove the EU’s continued relevance.

Spooked officials yesterday announced plans to accelerate trade talks with Mexico in light of Brexit and Mr Trump’s election, and Germany is pressuring Brussels to tie up a raft of agreements to seal a publicity coup for the troubled bloc.


  1. Germany is the EU, it’s the leading economy, and it has imported all those refugees because they’re men in fighting age, and with all the EU armies counted in, Germany is potentially in command over an army of more than 1 million soldiers; and there’s German tanks at Russia’s borders in the Baltic countries … but maybe I’m just wrong to think that Germany is gearing up to invade Russia.

    • russia/china has all the food and fuel for the eastern block and china is placeing missles all over the world.the germans would have to take out a 100million man army from china as russia is chinas food and fuel so they are secureing thier food and fuel produceing countrys

  2. You F-en clowns can’t stop the Muslim invaders from raping your women and children.
    That socialist mental disorder really clouds what little judgement you have left.

  3. It is sad that the US was taken over by the NWO for 10 years, maybe more. The acts done by the corrupt running our government against us and other countries under our name are terrible. We have been so fortunate to win a new president (Trump) that cares for the country and its people as well as the countries around the world that want to work with us. He represents the good in the United States.

    We will defeat SOROS and his kind. Our nation is not as divided as they would make it out to be. We have a small group of protestors making a big splash in the media that are funded by SOROS. We are united and behind President Trump. If feels good. We think President Trump is making ALL the right decisions and are proud to back him.

    We can only hope the countries in Europe can win their nations back from the NWO (the EU) and once again become the great countries they were. I good honest leader and a strong cabinet along with senates that see honor in building a nation rather than tearing it done is all it takes to see the love and kindness of their people. Canada is under the same oppression and it too needs to break free of its corrupt Prime Minister. Somehow they need to get free before the next election.

    Without SOROS and the NWO, the world will truly be on track to a friendlier and healthier place. ISIS will die with a history of being cruel and lacking any real value in the growth of mankind. If nations need to take up arms to make this happen, they will if for no other reason to win back their culture, safety and freedoms.

  4. These Islamic radicals are moving around Europe raping your women and vandalizing your churches across Europe and you are planning to bcome superpower good luck wit that

  5. I can’t believe what I’m reading here – in the post and comments. You all need some serious help.
    OK, enough of comic relief, I’ve got to work. God bless you all.

  6. america was never a super anything it took three man and a truck full of moneys just to get the cat down from the tree.Mexico was 60% of all allied forces fuel and food in WW-II and we had to steal the nukes to even get on the map but now the world also has nukes MADvs MAD game over

  7. the war virus from the east block on the west block would make a russian/china invasion of america a cake walk our lobby controlled mups sold us out and down the river

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