Facebook Refuse To Ban Rapper 6ix9nine After He Uploaded Child Rape Video

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Facebook refuse to ban rapper who filmed and uploaded video of child rape

Facebook has promoted the Instagram account of rapper 6ix9ine, even after he admitted to filming and uploading a video of a child being raped. 

As the mainstream media celebrate the censorship and purging of independent media figures such as Alex Jones, nobody seems to care that Facebook allow such a sick and depraved individual to continue using their platform. Even though the rapper uploaded the video elsewhere, his actions prove he is a danger to children.

Rapper 6ix9nine (real name David Hernandez) admitted in court that he filmed the illegal sex act and uploaded it online. He boasted that he made pelvic thrusting motions behind a naked 13-year-old girl while filming.

Theculturechronicles.com reports:  In a separate video, the naked 13 year old girl is seen sitting on Hernandez’s lap while another man gropes her breasts. According to court documents, Hernandez was 18 years old at the time.

So one needs to ask, why is someone who admitted to filming a 13 year old girl in a sex act being promoted by Instagram? Facebook owns Instagram, and when someone searches for rappers, the account of 6ix9ine can up as a “suggestion”.

So not only is Hernandez not banned from the platform after distributing videos of naked 13 year old girls, he is actually promoted on the platform.

6ix9ine also has an active channel on YouTube, his latest video posted has over 125 million views.

It would seem is this bizarre Orwellian world, discussing alternative narratives for national news events is grounds for internet-wide banning by social media companies. However, filming a 13 year old girl performing oral sex and posting it online is grounds to have your Instagram and YouTube accounts promoted by those same companies.


  1. Censor him? Charge him with the crime of child endangerment and child pornography. Prisoners have the justice he needs…

  2. They are outright promoting Satanism. We were told these days would come in the book of revelations

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