Famous Holistic Doctor And Radio Host, Working Against Big Pharma, Found Dead

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Dr. James Winer, one of America's most prominent holistic doctors, has been found dead in highly suspicious circumstances in Florida.

Dr. James Winer, one of America’s most prominent holistic doctors, has been found dead in highly suspicious circumstances in Florida.

The body of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania doctor was bought into a Florida hospital as a John Doe, without ID or any belongings. Close friends are mystified by the death, and say Dr. Winer went to Florida for Thanksgiving and disappeared shortly after arriving in the state, only to surface again in hospital without any explanation.

Dr. Winer is the 80th holistic doctor working against Big Pharma to die in suspicious circumstances in the last few years, as the community of physicians attempting to work outside the confines of the pharmaceutical industry, threatening their profits, continues to be eradicated.

It appears he left on Tuesday for a trip with a friend or to meet up with someone for Thanksgiving and he never returned to Pittsburgh,” according to a personal friend.

Another personal friend explained Dr. Winer’s immediate family confirmed he was found as a John Doe in hospital.

My friend and I messaged me (sic) on Saturday after Thanksgiving that he was missing and we were so afraid”
“Then today my [immediate family, name withheld] was at the office and they confirmed he was found yesterday as a John Doe in hospital and they pulled the plug.  No ID on him.  Nothing.”

They continued:

My (relative at his office) said that everything was out of ordinary as he checks in, never misses etc. He was a loved doctor on Pitttsburgh and speaks out often against vaccines.

Dr. Winer was one of America’s leading pioneers in natural medicine, and dedicated his life to promoting natural cures. He encouraged his patients and followers to avoid Big Pharma’s poisonous products.

However Big Pharma and mainstream media conspired to smear his holistic practice, and also worked overtime for decades to persecute the holistic M.D. in an attempt to drive him out of business.

In addition to teaching and lecturing across the United States, Dr. Winer appeared on thousands of radio and television programs in Pittsburgh, PA and across the country. A prominent and outspoken critic of Big Pharma, Dr. Winer hosted 31 weekly radio programs broadcast in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.

He was also the author of popular books, audio and videotapes, and innumerable articles on natural health. He was the instructor of nutrition at a university, as well as a fitness instructor at an undergraduate college, and the founder and director of the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

There are few, if any, in the field of holistic medicine in this country with his vast knowledge, experience, aptitude or with his sincere and ethical commitment to helping others.

We have lost so many holistic healers in the past two years. Most cases were brushed under the carpet by authorities at the time, however some cases have since been reopened and are now being investigated as homicides.

It is time to recognize the extraordinary number of deaths within the holistic medical community for what it is – a purge.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Wow. I guess if you are a holistic healer who also goes up against the Clintons that puts you in double jeopardy.

    • Rockefellers and Bill Gates control US big pharma; Zionazi Illuminati. I can’t think of any financial sector that represents potentially legal, ethical business that the Clintons have ever been involved in – just drugs, child sex trade, organ trade and treason. I also don’t think a holistic medical practice is required of a victim of murder by Big Pharma; I think exposing Big Pharma genocide and the ponzi scheme of drug-created illness treated by more drugs and ineffective medical treatments is probably sufficient – the gold’s the issue, and reducing Big Pharma profits and exposing its depopulation agenda are the relevant crimes, I think. I think the skills and knowledge required to promote health and cure illness are probably secondary to spreading truth.

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  2. Dr Winer was a great and caring Doctor in the Pittsburgh area . I been to him on many occasions and he helped me with my problems . He was a leader against Big Pharma,, who only interest is making money and pushing dangerous drugs .The people of this country need to take a major revolution against big Pharma , and put a single payer system like Europe has . you can cut cost and help people get well by getting the Pharmaceutical company out of health care .In my view big pharma and capitalism has ruined the health care industry. W
    I will truly miss DR, James Winer. ..

    • Interesting you mention that he was a leader against Big Pharma. He was a president of his own supplement company https://www.nutritionalfrontiers.com/teamnf.aspx. I knew Dr. Winer before be got involved with his own supplement company and he was great. Always mentioning household products (ex. hydrogen peroxide) to cure certain things. But after I moved back to Pittsburgh in 2010. I would listen to him occasionally on the weekends on KDKA and all he did was push his own supplements. To me that’s a conflict of interest of patient care. That’s like these doctors that used to own their own medical imaging centers that would refer patients to get unnecessary imaging done at their imaging centers. The US government years ago put a stop to that.

      • Sure he pushed his own supplements….his supplements are quality products….we all need some type of supplement. How is that a conflict of interest of patient care!! That is information to help people.

    • To me this article is to generalized with no details. Almost to the point that some of the article could be ‘fake news’!

    • Guy with history of heart disease dies while he’s not carrying his license, and you expect a criminal investigation, why?

      • That was the first article I read on this subject. Wondering why the author didn’t mentioned an investigation if there was a supposedly murder. Obviously the man died of natural causes

  3. Where are all the details.. I searched Florida news papers and found nothing. I would think if this chiropractor was so famous that it would be head lines in the post-gazette or least in the obituary section. There is nothing. Where did you get your facts from?

  4. With all these murders it is a replay of the mass murder of natural healers that was called “Witch Hunt”. Clear the authorities are party to these murders and will ensure they continue as the population are poisoned as a matter of public policy of the psychopathic corpirate NWO. Why he did not have protection is seems to be the same reason that mafia crime families like the Rockefellers can walk the streets in safety.
    As a social species we have lost the initiative to defend our selves with deadly force. Such a prominent individual tailed by effective body guards could catch the filth that do the dirty work of the Khazarian mafia that own our grubby governments. Such filth plied with enhanced interrogation would no doubt supply names before they died and those names would supply more names before they too died, and so on until the entire parasitic mafia is wiped off the face of the earth for good .

    • The rest of your post is unnecessary after “if true”, because it’s not. His page says he had heart disease. The mic goes quiet (except his proteges have taken it over) and the ultimate supplement gimmick has to take a rest.

      The time comes for all of us, and for almost every single one of us, it won’t involve black helicopters, or grand pill pushing enemies. It’ll be nature.

  5. Heart disease ran in his family. If he didn’t live the lifestyle he promoted, he would have been dead by 50, not 70. He had triple bypass surgery 5 years ago. Outside for a jog without ID, is this a crime? Sister, cousin & friends at his bedside when they disconnected life support.

    • You think murder is likely after he had a heart attack not that long ago, and he was what..in his late 60s or early 70s?

      Sometimes, you have to take the conspiracy theory hat off and give it a rest.

  6. I understand he had a history of heart trouble, but his radio show focused on stuff like how he “beat the system” becoming a vegetarian, telling everyone else that their prescriptions were “killing them”. I’m sure that’s true in some cases. I’m sure it’s also true for some people that not taking their prescriptions can kill them.

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