First Muslim Elected To Pennsylvania House Pleads GUILTY To Stealing $500K From CHARITY

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Movita Johnson-Harrell has pleaded guilty to an array of "brazen corruption" charges, including the embezzlement of funds from a charity.

Former Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, who previously called on Muslims to “occupy every space of this world,” has pleaded guilty to an array of “brazen corruption” charges, including the embezzlement of funds from a charity.

Movita Johnson-Harrell, who took pride in her position as the first Muslim woman elected to the Pennsylvania State Legislature, has turned herself in to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s Office, pleading guilty on charges of perjury, record tampering, and embezzling over $500,000 in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security disability funds.

The Muslim activist also pleaded guilty to embezzling donations to Motivations Education and Consultation Associates (MECA), a charity she established to allegedly serve the mentally ill and drug addicted poor in her predominately African-American neighborhood.

In a press conference, Attorney General Shapiro described Johnson-Harrell’s actions as “brazen corruption… her theft knew no bounds.”  

AmericanThinker report: Johnson-Harrell stole funds that personally belonged to the residents of her facilities and used it to purchase fox furs, trips to Mexico, to make payments on a Porsche, pay delinquent utility bills, cover her granddaughter’s private school tuition and even fund her political campaign.  

After the facility, where residents were living in squalor, was closed, Johnson-Harrell continued collecting their rent from MECA even though the facilities were no longer operating.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Johnson-Harrell’s dereliction of duty extended to her short time as a Pennsylvania state representative.

During her brief period in office, Johnson-Harrell seemed to spend the majority of her time celebrating herself as the first Muslim woman elected to the state legislature, and helping to fundraise and advocate for the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Two months after being in office Johnson Harrell flew across the country to Washington State to stand with  anti-Israel BDS supporter Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at a CAIR fundraiser with a separatist theme “Muslim Power for 2020 & Beyond.”

Two months later she made an appearance at the Muslim Ummah of North America convention in Philadelphia over the July 4th weekend, where she shared the stage with numerous extremists all speaking out for a surge in Islamic political influence in American life.  

Johnson-Harrell added her political voice to this worrisome rhetoric, calling on Muslims to “occupy every space of this world.” 

Speakers included Nihad Awad, cofounder of Hamas-linked CAIR, and Zahid Bukhari, president of the Islamic Circle of North America, a Jamaat-e-Islamii proxy group

Also present was Ayman Hammous, executive director of the Muslim American Society (MAS), which has been identified as the affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Johnson-Harrell shared the stage with Hammous even though just two months earlier, in May of 2019, the Muslim American Society’s Philadelphia chapter made news after it was caught after uploading a skit where Muslim children sang about beheading Jews.  

Johnson-Harrell responded to the controversy over the video by equating it to Jewish and Christian religious texts, “ I wanted to note that all religions have sections of their holy books that they might not be particularly proud of.”  She then quoted scripture from the Hebrew bible and Christian New Testament, but nothing from the Koran.

In November 2019, Johnson-Harrell spoke at two more CAIR events, one in Los Angeles and one in Washington D.C. at its national banquet.  In LA she was joined by fellow Philadelphian and BDS supporter Marc Lamont Hill and congratulated him for receiving CAIR’s  “courage under fire” award.  Referring to her successful election, Johnson-Harrell said, in a statement now dripping with irony:

“I was tired of people who look like me not protecting people who look like me… I got here by divine intervention, I’m going to leave by divine intervention. I have been obedient to Allah.” 

Not only was Johnson-Harrell propelled as a prominent speaker at CAIR’s national convention on November 9th in Washington D.C. but she enthusiastically uploaded a promotional selfie video excited about rabid anti-Semite  Linda Sarsour and anti-Israel/ anti-Semite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar appearing as a guest speakers.  She spoke along with sheik and “motivational speaker” Aderraoot Alkhawaldeh  a frequent speaker on Sharia Law  for the  Islamic Circle of North America.  

Acknowledging her arrest, Movita Johnson-Harrell  tweeted ““Allah v Akbar” (God is greater) expressing no regret or sorrow for the people she hurt, but instead positioning herself as a martyr, tweeting, “My life is one of service. If I have to suffer persecution to save one from the grave then God’s will, not mine be done.”

Johnson-Harrell’s martyrdom complex has been a fixture of her short time in office as well. Her first accusation came on the day she was sworn in when freshman state representative  Stephanie Borowicz referred to Jesus and praised our country’s support for Israel in her invocation. CAIR Philadelphia chimed in, not only condemning Rep Bororwicz as  Islamophobic but anti-Semitic as well. During her time on the Islamist speaking tour Johnson-Harrell’s allegations against Borowicz would continue to grow with each retelling.

Meanwhile CAIR Philadelphia, which was so proud of Johnson-Harrell when she was elected the first Muslim woman to the Pennsylvania legislature, has not uttered a word about her pleading guilty to stealing over $500,000 from those who trusted her, which no doubt including members of the Muslim community. 

In its end of year “An important message from CAIR” the Philadelphia chapter issued no criticism or regret for backing a candidate who was improperly vetted, even though her previous bankruptcy was in the public record.

While the Philadelphia chapter of CAIR calls itself a civil-rights advocacy organization, it refuses to acknowledge the underprivileged members of the Philadelphia Muslim community who fell victim to its first Muslim woman elected official. While claiming to represent the interests of Muslims and promote civil rights, the group’s only real goal is to promoting itself, and its own influence through putting Islamists into political power in America.  So it’s unsurprisingly that Johnson-Harrell’s political demise is a setback they’d prefer to ignore. 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. When your government is corrupt by anti Christians and hateful deceiving lying thieving hypocrites seducing the public Bible Belt voting arena with frauds and false pretenses then you can bet she was far from the only one looting Medicare Medicaid off for huge sums because medicare and Medicaid are all totally in it with them altogether. She got busted cause she had a dirty mouth and didn’t keep herself one if the team.

      • Christian hate? Would say where you can go, but I will be a lady. Muslims have no place in our Govt. This is a Christian Nation and Muslims are not Christians. They are our enemy rather you like it or not. They need to go back to the Middle East. She is a thief and stole from the community that she made a promise to help. She stole from them.

        • Islam and sharia is antithetical to the US constitution. Islam is a theocracy based dictatorship. There is no free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of travel, basically no freedoms, especially if you are female. That’s not Christian hate. That’s fact. And for the left, with all it’s ‘if it feels good, do it, and do it anywhere and anytime you want’, to embrace it shows just how deep the madness of the left goes. Everything the left holds dear; sex, alternate life styles, alternate identities, women’s lib, drugs, alcohol, nudity, porn, you name it, every single bit of it would get them lashed, jailed, relieved of an appendage, and even beheaded or thrown off roof tops. That’s not Christian hate. That’s reality.

      • You are The Enemy … No IP can be hidden…. When the War starts you will be …..blocked … until the shooting starts

        • Makes you wonder just who is doing the brainwashing. Methinks the core of the problem is our education system and tenure. Federally remove tenure and then perhaps we will get better instructors.

          Make educators actually work for a living?

          • Tenure isn’t the problem and there ARE good teachers out there, but they usually quit after a few years because they are so abused by administration – who is the real problem. They insist on teaching Muslim and Communist doctrines in school. IF teachers don’t comply they are fired. This is in every single school in America at the moment. For the most part, the teachers aren’t the problem, it’s the administration who decides what will be taught, not the teachers. However, increasingly, bad teachers are being hired and tenure does have its problems, but you need to blame the right people and at this point, it’s the good teachers who are victims and are being abused ALOT. I know this because my husband was a teacher for many years and we still know lots of teachers.

  2. I don’t believe people voted for that ugly muslim bit ch … Voter Fraud is everywhere a muslim is elected .

  3. 51% of Islamic text tells Muslims to hate, kill (Jihad), torture,
    subjugate (Dhimmitude), rape, deceive (Taqiya) and extort money
    (Jizya) from YOU, the non-Muslim. You are a Kafir, which is their N
    word for non-Muslims. Islam commands Muslims to (force) convert the
    world to Islam through Jihad or Hijra (emigration).

    • So we have here in our own US HR 3 dogs who are doing their best to destroy this society. Rubber Face Tlaib, Illin Moron, and, another whisker faced female from Michigan. It’s time we purge them for crimes against the US People, and, Government.

      They may consider themselves religious, but I don’t believe the goats think so…..

  4. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

  5. Stealing fro Kaffirs is not only sanctioned but encouraged. To her this was acceptable and in the will of Allah (who is a pagan moon god that muhhamed stole from the tribe that raised him). Islam should not be in our country and no muslim should be in our govt.

  6. Trust no muzzie, of any color. Especially if they are a politician. That is a no-brainer.

    This rep is a perfect example of why not. There is not an honest one amongst them.

  7. Those who vote for Muslims are signing not only their own eventual death warrant, but everyone who values our Republic.Electing Muslims to any office is nothing but political suicide.

  8. How in the hell did this woman ever get elected in PA? She has to be a DemocRAT. Perhaps they will ask he to run for President. She has all the prerequisites for a DemocRAT, she is corrupt, a crook and despicable. MAGA! KAG!!!!

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