French Police Arrest 8-Year-Old Kid On Terrorism Charges

Fact checked

An 8-year-old child, Ahmed, was arrested on January 8th on grounds of ‘supporting terrorism’ following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

His teacher had reportedly asked him if he was “Charlie” and Ahmed had answered “I am on the side of the terrorists, because I am against the caricatures of the prophet”.  This prompted the Director of the school to file a complaint with the police accusing him of supporting terrorism. reports:

It’s unlikely that a young child would truly understand the implications of such a statement.

The parents of the child plan to take action against school officials.

France has now arrested over 50 people for social media posts it deemed supportive of terrorism. French authorities have also launched a bizarre campaign to encourage French citizens to report radicalisation using telltale signs such as “a sudden change in eating habits” or a sudden disinterest in sports.

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