French Senators Defy Macron: Vaccine Passports Are ‘Political Measure Hidden Behind Health Pretexts’

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Twenty French senators have defied President Emmanuel Macron and are demanding an immediate end to the use of mandatory vaccine passports in the country, declaring they are a ”political measure hidden behind health pretexts”.

The politicians are not holding back when talking about how this has been eliminating people’s freedom, while also calling out the government for not having strengthened hospital resources.

The vaccine pass is even counterproductive, because it gives the impression of being protected, and encourages people to abandon barrier gestures…Common sense has been replaced by political strategy, to the detriment of French freedoms” the senators wrote in the open letter.

The French government has already talked about removing the use of the passports by the end of March or early April, but this is not good enough for these 20 senators. They want to end the passports now.

After having put the French under surveillance, the government wants to be the one to ‘free them’, a few weeks before the first round of the presidential election. It’s a big trick.”

TheFreedomCorner reports: France has very strict rules when it comes to these passports. People need to show their papers in order to be allowed access many public places, which includes restaurants, gyms, long-distance trains, leisure centers.

France has a strong cafe culture, and even for going to a cafe, people need to show their papers.

Who could have thought that this would happen, people having to show their papers to be allowed to do everyday things. And those without the correct papers, get discriminated against and banned from many public places. This was unthinkable just two years ago.

Rule changes.

They even changed the rules a few weeks back so that a negative test is no longer accepted. Only those who are fully vaccinated or recovered are allowed to do these things that were once part of everyday life.

On the 15th of February the rules are changing so that in order to have a valid vaccine passport, you must have your third booster shot within 4 months of having had your second dose (down from 7 months).

So if you are not fully vaccinated or recovered, you are banned from accessing many public places in France.

People in France have been protesting against covid passports for many months now, in fact it began in the summer of 2021 and they have protested every weekend since. That is almost 8 months of non-stop protests, with hundreds of thousands of people turning out.

Now politicians are calling for freedom as well.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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