French Senators Defy Macron: Vaccine Passports Are ‘Political Measure Hidden Behind Health Pretexts’

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Twenty French senators have defied President Emmanuel Macron and are demanding an immediate end to the use of mandatory vaccine passports in the country, declaring they are a ”political measure hidden behind health pretexts”.

The politicians are not holding back when talking about how this has been eliminating people’s freedom, while also calling out the government for not having strengthened hospital resources.

The vaccine pass is even counterproductive, because it gives the impression of being protected, and encourages people to abandon barrier gestures…Common sense has been replaced by political strategy, to the detriment of French freedoms” the senators wrote in the open letter.

The French government has already talked about removing the use of the passports by the end of March or early April, but this is not good enough for these 20 senators. They want to end the passports now.

After having put the French under surveillance, the government wants to be the one to ‘free them’, a few weeks before the first round of the presidential election. It’s a big trick.”

TheFreedomCorner reports: France has very strict rules when it comes to these passports. People need to show their papers in order to be allowed access many public places, which includes restaurants, gyms, long-distance trains, leisure centers.

France has a strong cafe culture, and even for going to a cafe, people need to show their papers.

Who could have thought that this would happen, people having to show their papers to be allowed to do everyday things. And those without the correct papers, get discriminated against and banned from many public places. This was unthinkable just two years ago.

Rule changes.

They even changed the rules a few weeks back so that a negative test is no longer accepted. Only those who are fully vaccinated or recovered are allowed to do these things that were once part of everyday life.

On the 15th of February the rules are changing so that in order to have a valid vaccine passport, you must have your third booster shot within 4 months of having had your second dose (down from 7 months).

So if you are not fully vaccinated or recovered, you are banned from accessing many public places in France.

People in France have been protesting against covid passports for many months now, in fact it began in the summer of 2021 and they have protested every weekend since. That is almost 8 months of non-stop protests, with hundreds of thousands of people turning out.

Now politicians are calling for freedom as well.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. Macron…definitely a candidate for the antichrist of the Bible. This guy just reeks of satanic influence.

    • The central banks are coordinating this whole thing. They placed Trudope, Merkle, macaroni, Boris, Biden, as their loyal puppets, along with the systematic replacement of their ordained CEOs of all the corporations that will follow their agenda. Thousands of CEO’s were replaced in the last 10 years. These CEOs are not concerned with profit, or customer satisfaction, they are concerned with following orders from the central banks. they are on board with the mask mandates, and don’t care if all their highly trained and experienced employees quit their positions. I just doesn’t matter to them. The central banks will back fill the corps to make sure they survive.
      This is what we are facing people. full on Beast system.
      I am not sure about Putin. Is he under control of the Central banks? He may be playing a role as controlled opposition. He may have a purpose for the NWO for a later task.
      The pope had nothing to do with it. he is another tool on par with the listed people above. He is a low IQ puppet, paid with naked children by the central banks to read from a pre written script.

      • to Josey Whales. Your term, “…full on beast system” is right. That and the fact that when our enemy commenced bringing blacks to North America as slaves, they brought the jungle with them.

      • I don’t think Putin is controlled opposition and I don’t think he likes the central banks. Some years ago, I read that he kicked the Federal Reserve central bank out of Russia. He doesn’t seem to be a warmongerer either, I’ve noticed he plays 3D chess very well and would rather make smart moves to avoid war than actually go to war. The Russian people seem to really like him, he has 80% approval rating. The 20% are the ones who still want to be socialist/communist. I’ve watched numerous Russian videos of him, his interactions with the Russians are very warm and caring it seems. He is also a strong Christian and doesn’t drink – those are not hallmarks of a Satanist/Communist. I get the impression he has been restoring Russia to what it was before Communism but without the imperialism and with more freedom.

      • All part of the “Great Reset”. I don’t think they expected the pushback from the Canadian truckers to gain the steam it has globally. Now they’re changing their plans to the “everybody get tested for HIV”. Ironic since as far back as 2020 there were legitimate scientists who said these mRNA shots would wreak havoc on our immune systems.

    • He sees himself as Jupiter. And, remember the Beirut blast, he hightailed there to check on his temple.

      • The Book of 1st Maccabees is a history book which is not in the Jewish and Protestant canon of the Bible, but it’s informative history nonetheless. In it a Hellenistic ruler of Syria named Antiochus Epiphanes took over the Temple in Jerusalem and put a statue of Zeus on the altar there. Zeus was the Greek equivalent of the Roman Jupiter. Antiochus Epiphanes fulfilled some of the prophecies in the Book of Daniel (which is in the Bible), and he was a “type” (or “foreshadowing”) of the coming future Antichrist. Macron may be, too.

        • Thank you Affirmative. I have come across the Apocrypha and having come out of a catholic background, I was amazed not just reading them, but also the Bible, which of course, is not recommended reading by el popo and his gang. From the get go I could see he was married to a man, his gay leanings which were revealed prior to his election and his self-proclaimed statement that he is Jupiter. The ultimate chemical wedding?

          • You’re welcome. Recollections. The Apocrypha are helpful for historical background, but since they are not inspired by God like the Bible, they can contain errors. However, most scholars say 1st Maccabees is a reliable history. And by the way, the Anglican Authorized Version (AV), also called the King James Version (KJV) [printed in 1611] originally contained the Apocrypha in a section between the Old Testament and the New Testament. This was for devotional reading only, not for doctrine. That section is usually printed separately today, but it’s hard to find an exact reproduction of the KJV Apocrypha. The closest I’ve found is published by Baker Books (2013, ISBN 978-0-8010-1559-5). But stick with the 66 books of the Bible itself to hear from God!

          • Thank you Affirmative. It was quite daunting to find the best study Bible, and I’ve come to the same conclusion you have. God bless you!

    • Satan is a fictitious literary character in a myth created by men. He seems real because of a common misunderstanding about the nature of good and evil, which is incorrectly portrayed in the Bible, and the mistaken habit of attributing unknown causes to mysterious entities.

      • I beg to differ, but I am not going to convince you otherwise, and you will definately will never convince me that there is not a Satan.

        I find it remarkable that someone 2000 years ago would predict that a system would be in place to deny a person from buying or selling. back then, the majority of people didn’t use money and survived fine. They rarely had a need of money, it was a luxury for most.
        Today, the majority have to have money to survive. Now there is away for Satan to deny you access to money so you can’t buy food or shelter.

        In china today, they don’t use money, they use their cell phone to buy and sell. If you don’t get your Covid test done, your cell phone deactivates your buy and sell feature.

        Something to think about.

        • Excellent point, Josey. As usual, I agree with you. There are many things talked about in the Bible that are happening today. I’ve seen people posting quotes from Revelations and connecting the dots, always amazes me how accurate the Bible has turned out to be.

      • If 2020 thru 2022 hasn’t convinced you of the Bible being able to foreshadow events before they unfold, then nothing will. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled is making the world believe he didn’t exist”…there is a lot of truth to that and you’re living proof.

  2. They’re very lucky, well actually it wasn’t luck at all it was careful brainwashing, that’s made people such passive harmless little sheep.

  3. the vax passes are nothing more than a tool of full control over your lives. They can shut you off from society, persecute you, starve you.

  4. By instituting these requirements the instigators of the measures are making it possible to identify who is a sheep and who is not. Those who obey absurdities can be made to commit atrocities. It only takes a small minority to put into effect major atrocities. Say a nation has 50 million citizens, of which 70% know better than to obey. That leaves 30% ( 15 million people ) who will be obey practically any government edict, no matter how unjust or absurd. 15 million people is a lot of people. If someone has control over them, just a few million of them, all acting together, could easily wipe out the 35 million people who are not sheep. This is especially true if the 35 million people take no action to prevent it. And indeed this is what it looks like is being set up.

  5. Just for kicks; Macron met his wife when she was his high school teacher and they screwed around. She was married. In 2017 I think he took their affair public and married her.. Now She’s about 70 and he’s about 45. How has Macron been uplifted to the highest post in France despite this scandal and display? A conundrum. At the time of his election his early cuckolding of another man’s wife and subsequent marriage to someone older than his mother was portrayed as an electioneering masterstroke. We live in interesting times.

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