George Soros Dumps $1M Into Stacey Abrams Campaign For Governor

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George Soros

Just days after Stacey Abrams qualified to run for governor, a super PAC funded by George Soros reportedly put $1 million into her campaign.

It seems billionaires like George Soros are able to do whatever they want, while Americans are limited to the amount of money they can donate to a political candidate according to Town Hall

Soros donated the funds in March through Democracy PAC II to One Georgia, Abrams’ leadership PAC…

Hot Air reports Donating to political candidates got a little complicated this election cycle because of a new law passed by the Georgia Legislature. Last month U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen ruled that Abrams cannot raise money through a leadership committee until she wins the Democrat Party nomination. She is running unopposed.

She and Governor Kemp were both raising money with their leadership PACs before Judge Cohen’s ruling. The ruling tells the candidates that they cannot raise money without limits with the leadership PACs until they are their party’s official candidate. Abrams can use Soros’ money after she is officially named the Democrat candidate after the primary. In other words, she can keep the money in her campaign coffers but she can’t spend it yet. That is according to David Emadi, executive secretary of the state ethics commission.

The leadership committee law that the Republican-led General Assembly passed in 2021 lets the governor, the opposing party’s gubernatorial nominee, the lieutenant governor and party caucuses create special committees to raise as much cash as they can without limits. It gave incumbents an added edge since their challengers can’t use the funds until they win their party’s nomination.

It was designed in part to give Gov. Brian Kemp, who formed his leadership committee in July, a huge fundraising advantage.

However, Cohen also recently ruled that Kemp’s committee had to suspend raising any more money unless he wins his Republican primary because it was unfair that the law allowed only one person in the race to create such a committee before winning the nomination: the governor. Kemp faces former U.S. Sen. David Perdue in the GOP primary.

Abrams will be able to use a leadership committee after she wins the nomination.

David Emadi, executive secretary of the state ethics commission, said the Abrams camp can keep the Soros contribution but not spend it until after the primary.

There are limits to how much an individual or business can contribute to a candidate. Leadership PACs get around those limits. They can raise as much money as they can for a candidate. This year Soros is giving his super PAC, Democracy PAC II, $125M to sway elections across the country. He is contributing to both Democrat groups and candidates in the 2022 midterm election cycle. Democracy PAC II is run by his son.

Statewide candidates, such as those running for governor, are currently allowed to raise $7,600 from individual donors for the primary and again for the general election, plus $4,500 per runoff.

In contrast, Kemp’s leadership committee had taken checks up to $250,000 from individual donors in its first few months of operation.

The Soros family gave $1.34 million to the Georgia Democratic Party in 2018, the year Abrams first ran for governor against Kemp.

Soros and Abrams team up to raise money for causes. The billionaire socialist and the sore loser Democrat are currently raising money for abortion groups in light of the leaked draft document from the Supreme Court. Between 2016 and 2020 Soros gave over $25 million to abortion groups.

One area that Soros’ millions have made a real impact is in local races in counties across the country, including district attorneys and prosecutors. Look no further than the mess out in California with lax sentencing and bail bond “reforms” that allow dangerous criminals right back out on the street instead of being held in jail.


    • Corruption And because the lawyers globally international lawyers have and do set these things, up so that because stealing elections is just a civil matter illegaly donating excess funds isn’t likely to be criminal either.
      Americas election was stolen
      Frances election is stolen
      Pakistan election was too most likely You can bet Canafas was
      I wouldn’t be surprised if England s win for Johnson wasn’t as well particularly when last year’s council elections showed that the huge majority OF UK are hating him and this months have seen his party as the biggest destroyers of the tory party in. History. And if there were a honest global news Web site that reported the facts I’m sure the truth would be revealed that almost every election on earth is and has been for decades stolen or rigged.

  1. Until people understand that Soros worked with the bank of England to get the Labor Party out and Thatcher in which they paid him a fortune to do when he supposedly did the run on the pound which destroyed Labors credibility on finances you won’t really get what’s happening under your noses Cause none of the journalists licenced by government will tell you the truth about anything.

  2. Regardless of Western mefia propagandas the Saudi Prince, who opposes the current regimes piciez serving certain institutions supremacy and expanding its powers, is worth 2 trillion dollars Equal to the top 17 Western claimed richest men alive combined.
    And Elons just a beggar.

  3. I don’t really understand the deal with money in a campaign. I never got any money for my votes. so how does someone win an election by getting more money? He can give a trillion dollars to the witch, but no one will change their vote. Maybe they can use the money to bribe the vote counters?

    • They but propaganda and advertising and give speeches a d do promotions and pay people off All of the above.

    • More money = more advertisements, covers the costs of travels, staging rallies, etc .

      Paying Private Eyes to dig up something from the past of the Opponent, with what s/he can be smeared .

          • I don’t know; but I do know voters are bribed. I had a neighbor who told me she was offered a bribe and her daughter as well, who did take the bribe. Her vote was bought for $20. Alot of people in that town were offered bribes.

          • Not sure who “they” in your question is – if you’re wanting to know re: 2000 mules, I don’t think they were able to determine WHO they voted for, only that there were a great number of fraudulent ballots. If you haven’t seen it you really should watch 2000 Mules. Catherine Engelbrecht, who provided the info, has given enough info to prove that the election was not valid, that there was fraud. She is also about to give out far more info to prove cheating in the election. She is with True the Vote and has a website. Hope this helps.

          • As I live in Central Europe I don’t know these .
            From here the political life of the USA looks like a Judy and Punch Show :

            The two characters are fervently beating each other but if you peep behind the scene you

          • OK, now it’s a bit more clear, thank you for that info. I can tell you that I’ve watched Trump for 44 yrs, he has
            ALWAYS been warning Americans of the deep state and in hindsight he’s always been right. He is a good guy, quite possibly the only president since JFK who truly has America’s best interests at heart. I’m 67 y.o. and clearly remember the day JFK died have watched every president since then – Trump is different and works in weird ways. He is here to take down the deep state globally not just in America as doing it in America isn’t good enough, they need to be utterly destroyed. He works behind the scenes mostly and works in ways that aren’t obvious. He uses the Art of War just for one. As for the ballots, I don’t know if they can prove who got the vote but they can prove that the voting machines here use algorithms which gave Trump for example only 3/4 for every vote and gave that 1/4 to Biden. I saw the numbers change on election night on news stations. Trump had the numbers then suddenly Trump’s numbers went down and Biden numbers went up and Biden was winning. They have been doing elections this way here for about 20 yrs. Trump knows this and military has ALL the evidence that 2020 election was fraudulent but there were things that needed to be put in place first and those on the left needed to be shown how bad things are in America before making the fraud evidence public. Otherwise, we might well have mayhem in the streets. Hope this makes sense. Best of luck to Europe, we’re all in this struggle together. WWG1WGA!

          • ” I’m 67 y.o. and clearly remember the day JFK died ”

            I’m 69 and also remember my Parent listening to the VoA on the radio, live broadcast on that Dark Day .

            „His ( Eisenhower ) warning though proven correct, was sadly not heeded. Within a few years JFK was assassinated shortly after giving his “Secret government speech” warning the American people about “secret governments and secret organizations that sought to have undue control of the government.

            JFK was in his grave for less than 9-months before Gulf of Tonkin incident which was a series of outlandish lies about a fictitious attack on a US naval ship that never happened, which caused the US to enter the Vietnam war. „

            „ President Johnson lied his way into a war with North Vietnam and within less than a year would joke that “maybe the attack never happened”. By the time the war ended in 1973, Johnson’s bundle of lies had killed 2.45 million people. „

          • I remember all that, too. Good to know there are others like yourself who remember. It has come out in govt documents that George H W Bush orchestrated what happened to J F K.

      • I know what you saying kind of, but you can market whoopie goldberg as the sexiest woman on the planet to me for years, I still would throw up if I ever saw her naked. I guess propaganda doesn’t work on me.

        • We’re the FEW .
          On the Masses, the Great Majotity it DOES WORK .
          Before I do somethig important I try to assess it’s consequences on the Long Run, sometimes for decades .
          The Masses like the unlimited spending of their politicians. The USDEBTCLOCK stands at 30, 438 TRILLION USD .
          When seeing this I think that the Centennary of the October 1929 is already looming on the horizon .

          • When Russia went on the gold standard recently, that signaled the death knell for U.S. economy, as well
            as Europe’s.

          • I’m no economist either but I can tell you that shortly after Russia went on gold standard, U.S. and Europe had to default in their debt to Russia, as Russia will now only accept rubles – which are gold-backed. In the end, though it looks bad now, it will be a good thing because we’re getting rid of paper currency that isn’t backed by anything solid like gold/silver. But our economies will most likely crash first so you may want to put any savings you have into gold/silver and stock up on food. Not sure how bad this may get. There are white hats working behind the scene, in both America and Europe and they will try to ease the transition. I’ve watched this for a very, very long time, white hats ARE in control I’m convinced and so are many others who pay attention. It is apparent that deep state is falling, though.

          • I can see no White Hats on and behind the scenes, only Dark Shades . . .

          • That’s because the don’t announce themselves, it wouldn’t be smart for them to do so. But they are there. I’m the daughter of an admiral who was one of President Ronald Reagan’s top advisors. He taught me how alot of things work in military/govt.

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