George Soros Demands Fluoride Added To Drinking Water In Schools

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George Soros has outlined plans to add fluoride to the drinking water of all school aged children in the United States.

Billionaire globalist George Soros has outlined his plan to ensure “all school-aged children in the United States of America receive daily doses of water with added fluoride” by adding the controversial chemical to school drinking water.

Soros claims to have become “obsessed” over the dental health of children in recent months, and is now pushing for the mandatory inclusion of fluoride in school drinking water – regardless of the local laws in the state.

Teeth are so important. It’s easy to forget,” Soros said in a short but sweet press release published on his Open Society Foundations website. “That’s why we are going to make things easy for you and your children.

“The Open Society Foundations are pleased to announce a major project for 2017-2018 will be the implantation of fluoride to all school drinking water in the United States of America. We have the logistical ability to make the transition to this healthier new world, and we believe the political support is not far away.”

The Open Society Foundations’ move to include fluoride in school drinking water comes just months after a similar campaign was announced in the Russian Federation.

The Open Society Foundations announce new project to add fluoride to the drinking water in schools across America
The Open Society Foundations announce new project to add fluoride to the drinking water in schools across America

However the plan backfired, with President Putin banning fluoride from Russia, stating that the “toxic poison” that was “force fed to prisoners of war during Soviet times” should not “under any circumstances, now or in the future, be considered for use on the people of the Russian Federation.”

5 Simple Facts

Here are 5 simple facts, provided by Natural Society, that might inspire you to take action and tell your legislators that fluoride should be kept away from children at all costs:

1. Fluoride levels are not easily measured once put into municipal water supplies

Even if there was a ‘safe’ dose of fluoride (which there really isn’t), there is absolutely no way to regulate this. Furthermore, if you eat a bowl of cereal with milk and a Coke, you have likely overdosed on fluoride, likely exceeding the American Dental Association’s recommended daily dose by 230%.

When excessive amounts of fluoride are consumed, it can be a killer — a carcinogen that causes bone, lung, and bladder cancers. The “it” is fluoride, a common additive in most American communities’ drinking water and an ingredient in the vast majority of commercially produced adult toothpastes. Why add it to your drinking, and bathing water also?

2. There are often other dangerous toxins in fluoridated water

NSF, the corporation that developed drinking water standards, stated that the ‘most common contaminant in [fluoridated water] is arsenic.’ Consumer Reports recently said there were also traces of arsenic, otherwise known as rat poison, in your food, too. Its in baby cereals, juice and rice. Arsenic has also been found in commercially raised chicken. It can cause serious health conditions.

According to

“Arsenic is one of the most toxic elements that can be found. Despite their toxic effect, inorganic arsenic bonds occur on earth naturally in small amounts. Humans may be exposed to arsenic through food, water and air. Exposure may also occur through skin contact with soil or water that contains arsenic. Levels of arsenic in food are fairly low, as it is not added due to its toxicity. But levels of arsenic in fish and seafood may be high, because fish absorb arsenic from the water they live in. Luckily this is mainly the fairly harmless organic form of arsenic, but fish that contain significant amounts of inorganic arsenic may be a danger to human health.”

Why drink fluoride in your water, too?

3. Fluoride is an industrial waste

Fluoride could only be legally disposed of at a great cost to companies who created it with industrial practices. As Dr. Bill Marcus explains:

“There are prescribed methods for disposal and they’re very expensive. Fluoride is a very potent poison. It’s a registered pesticide, used for killing rats or mice. If it were to be disposed of, it would require a class-one landfill. That would cost the people who are producing aluminum or fertilizer about $7000+ per 5000- to 6000-gallon truckload to dispose of it. It’s highly corrosive.”

But – it you figure out how to swindle an entire nation, you get them to pay you to suck it through a straw.

4. Fluoride doesn’t prevent cavities

The ‘dental caries prevention myth’ linked with fluoride, started in the United States in 1939 when a scientist named Gerald J. Cox, employed by ALCOA – the largest producer of toxic fluoride waste and at the time being threatened by fluoride damage claims – fluoridated some lab rats, concluded that fluoride reduced cavities and claimed that it should be added to the nation’s water. It’s total bunk.

Florida State University recently found that, “. . .used in the proper amounts, it can make teeth stronger and aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.

In British Columbia, a shocking 11% of the entire population drinks fluoridated water, as opposed to 40-70% in other Canadian regions. Despite this, British Columbia has the lowest rate of tooth decay in all of Canada. In addition, the lowest rates of dental caries within the province are found in areas that do not have their water supplies fluoridated. Cavities are caused by excessive use of refined sugar and processed foods in general. That’s it. Your saliva cleans your mouth, as does brushing your teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste.

Pharmaceutical meds can also dry out your saliva, and this can cause cavities, not the absence of fluoride. In 1986-87, the largest study ever on fluoridation and tooth decay was performed. The subjects were 39,000 school children between 5 and 17 living in 84 areas around the country. A third of the places were fluoridated, a third were partially fluoridated, and a third were not. Results indicate no statistically significant differences in dental decay between fluoridated and unfluoridated cities. Yet, city after city wants to fluoridate their water. What gives?

5. Poisoned via dilution

Some argue the only reason fluoridation is being considered at all is because we are being poisoned via dilution. “The solution to pollution is dilution. You poison everyone a little bit rather than poison a few people a lot. This way, people don’t know what’s going on.” It may sounds like a conspiracy theory, but Hitler used sodium fluoride in his concentration camps. When you consider that this is a product of the aluminum and pharmaceutical and weapon manufacturing companies, it makes you think twice.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Who the F*#K does soreass think he is? he can’t demand a damned thing he isn’t elected and he isn’t our dicktater I think he needs a good b*tch slappin. Arrogant jerk

  2. tell him to mind his own Hungarian business….keep him and his foul grizzly ideas away from the United States….pos

  3. Is this a joke?

    In Sept 2017, a US govt sponsored study was published that validated dozens of other human studies and I don’t know how many animal and in vitro studies that found prenatal fluoride exposure lowers IQ in offspring.

    In 2016, we have a study documenting “hepatic oxidative stress” from prenatal and youthful exposure – fluoride damages livers, consistent with earlier studies on liver and kidney problems associated with fluoride exposure due to their filtering.

    In 2015, we have a UK study that verifies that there is a significant increase in low thyroid diagnoses in fluoridated regions consistent with fluoride’s known endocrine disrupting properties. Low thyroid during pregnancy and youth causes cognitive-behavioral deficits

    Also in 2015, we have an American study confirming there are between 67,000 and 131,000 more 11 year olds with hyperactivity (ADHD) in fluoridated regions than unfluoridated regions.

  4. soreass the Nazi needs to be put in the deepest darkest prison in the world. He is utterly evil I am surprised he is still alive.

  5. Soros is THE DEVIL – someone needs to put several bullets into him & family, so that we can go on with a better life

  6. It’s fake news. The link given at the top of the graphic in the article:

    leads to a page that says:

    “Fake News
    Dear reader: you have reached this page by following a link from a fake news story. The Open Society Foundations have no initiative to add fluoride to drinking water in schools. If you would like to learn more about our work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies in more than 140 countries around the world, please feel free to browse our website.”

    This is par for the course with Baxter Dmitry and YourNewsWire

  7. Here is the scoop about fluoride. Your body doesn’t need or want it. It is a Halogen element in the same column in the periodic chart as Bromine, Chlorine, fluoride and Iodine.
    Now your body is designed to use Iodine. Your body want Iodine. it is used in your endocrine system to keep your glands operating correctly. Iodine is difficult to get in the typical diet of inlanders away from the ocean. farm soils used to have an ample supply but for the most part the iodine that used to get into the vegetables are now depleted and now the vegetables lack iodine. There are some exceptions to this.

    The government, back when Americans were useful to them, would supplement commercial flour with Potassium Iodide to make sure they had a healthy population. but something very strange and nefarious happened without much explanation. In the 1980’s the food industry stopped putting potassium iodide in the flour and started putting Potassium Bromate in the flour. Basically it is a toxin.

    The explanation is that potassium Bromate is a flour conditioner and makes it rise faster, bake faster, and makes the dough more manageable.
    Then the FDA says not to worry, that the Potassium bromate will bake away out of the bread. As long as you bake it properly and didn’t add too much potassium bromate to the flour. Why didn’t they just stick to Potassium Iodide? I don’t know.

    You see what happens is, that when your body gets depleted of iodine, it will absorb any other Halogen like Fluoride, Bromide, Chlorine and try and make it replace iodine to help the glands function. It doesn’t work too well.

    Americans are mostly iodine deficient and don’t know it because they are operating off of Bromine and fluorine instead. This causes all kinds of hormonal related diseases. you can reverse these diseases simply by reintroducing iodine back into your diet. this will leach out the other halogens that were absorbed. Your body will gladly accept the iodine and kick out the other toxic halogens.

    These are symptoms and causes of lack of iodine and toxic halogen absorption.
    insomnia, weight gain, snoring, enlarge prostrate gland, painful breasts. swollen neck. brain fog, depression, getting sick easily and staying sick with cold and flu symptoms, tired, low energy.

    Resupplying your body with a steady supply of iodine will rid you of any of these symptoms. There are supplements you can buy but they are strangely hard to find in your local pharmacy store. You must go to the vitamin shop or online to find them. I recommend taking 12.5 mg of iodine daily, this is equivalent to a typical Japanese diet intake. they eat a lot of seafood and have very low to no glandular cancers.

    Other minerals should be taken as well….zinc, boron, selenium, manganese, magnesium, K1,k2, k3 D3.

    Above is what your body craves, and is not getting enough of and it is making you mass amounts of food in order to try and get enough of these minerals.

    You need to stop using fluoride toothpaste, and stop eating bromated flour products. King Authur flour sells and non bromated flour.
    I saw upstate NY town bakery label said they used potassium iodide. I was shocked. So some breads are still made with potassium iodided.

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