Google Working Overtime To Censor Viral ‘Hunter Biden iCloud’ Search – ‘Come Back Later’

Fact checked by The People's Voice Community

Hunter Biden’s iCloud account was allegedly hacked by 4chan users, who posted screenshots purporting to be from his phone and computer on the forum late Saturday night.

The establishment are really working overtime to censor this information. If you want to experience real-time oppressive censorship in action, try typing “Hunter Biden icloud” into Google.

Who is “Pedo Peter” and will this information bring down the presidency?

This is heavy duty censorship, designed to protect a corrupt establishment, happening right before our eyes. It looks like the powers that be were not ready for this story to break. Now they are stalling for time, allowing the mainstream media and fact checkers to find a way to spin the disturbing facts out of existence.

Social media is taking unprecedented action to kill this Hunter Biden story too. Twitter is unleashing bots to kill the story and if you type ‘Hunter Biden icloud’ into Google you get a message saying that the story is changing and the sources are not reliable.

You might want to ask yourself a question or two about “reliable sources” when it comes to Hunter Biden stories. Who are you going to trust – the mainstream media and fact checkers, who spent a whole year denying the “laptop from Hell” was legitimate? Or the alternative media, who broke the laptop story that the mainstream media finally admitted was real and factual?

The mainstream media have devolved into an arm of the Democratic Party’s PR department. Fact checkers are the establishment’s Ministry of Truth.

Imagine just how slimy and crooked they really are when the unholy trinity of the mainstream media, fact checkers and Big Tech makes sure 98% of everything crooked they do never sees light of day.

Baxter Dmitry
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