Google’s Sci-Fi Robot Teddy Is Terrifying

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Google have recently patented a robotic teddy bear that uses facial recognition to identify whoever is looking into its eyes. 

The disturbing teddy is equipped with cameras and microphones and will respond to voice commands, play music or control nearby devices.

Whether it is aimed at kids or adults is unclear, but privacy rights groups are concerned at the implications of a teddy bear that has the ability to record its surroundings without its owner being aware. reports:

Google’s illustrations for its potential personal media player are fodder for nightmares. The drawings are quite rough, but it really nailed the “soulless eyes” look:


The patent explains that the doll will also sometimes produce a “visible acknowledgement” when someone talks. Which I can only imagine would look something like this:


Google isn’t exactly first out of the gate here with vaguely creepy AI toys. Mattel already dove into a silicon-fuelled uncanny valley with “Hello Barbie,” a Barbie equipped with conversational intelligence technology. And a company called CogniToys is developing an AI dinosaur toy it hopes will “develop the capacity to reason about the child’s life.”

Perhaps to quell fears that Google is targeting kids with a device capable of storing data on whatever they say or do in its presence, the patent tries to pretend like a jazz-loving adult would also use it. “If the voice command is ‘play late-period John Coltrane,’ the media device command may instruct media device 404 to play music recorded by John Coltrane between 1965 and 1967,” it reads.

But come on. Putting a voice-controlled assistant inside a toy is either a bid for kids or a bid for the Adult Baby community, and there aren’t enough TLC specials in the world to make aiming at the Adult Baby community lucrative.

If Google makes this device, the biggest problem will undoubtedly be dealing with privacy. A doll with the ability to passively collect audio and video data on what’s going on in a kid’s room (or, ugh, fine, and Adult Baby’s room) gives off a distinct “surreptitious surveillance” vibe.

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