Gross! Human DNA Found In Hot Dogs

Fact checked
Yuck! Human DNA has been found in hot dogs

A very disturbing additive has been found in hot dogs by a company that uses genomic analysis technology to derive the contents of food. They found a small percentage of hot dogs contain human DNA. reports:

Clear Food chalks up the find in 2 percent of the 345 hot dogs and sausages tested to hygienic issues.

Overall, the company said it found that 14.4 percent of hot dogs were problematic in some way.

Other major problems found were substitutions or unexpected ingredients such as meats not found on the labels, an absence of ingredients advertised or, in some cases, meat in vegetarian products.

Despite the disturbing finds, the company said that it found that several brands both large and small scored well on the tests.  These included both national and specialty or regional brands – the list for which can be found here.

An interesting take-away the company had from the test was that there was no correlation between the company’s score and the price of the hot dog.

Read more about the results and the testing here.

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