Headless Body Found On Blackpool Beach

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A headless body believed to be of a woman has washed up near Blackpool tower

headless body
Police are investigating the case of a headless body that was found washed up on a Blackpool beach by a local man.

A horrified Fisherman found the the headless remains of what is believed to be a woman near Bispham on Sunday morning. The torso was discovered 2 miles away from the 158 metres tall Blackpool Tower.

Closer Online reports:

Fisherman Michael Cartwright, 60, asked a woman to alert police when he made the grim discovery early in the morning.

He told the Metro: “It was like a torso. I am not sure if it was male or female. It was next to the sea wall,’ he said.

“I spotted it and asked a young lady to call the police.”

The incident comes at the height of tourist season in the area, which generates millions in revenue for local businesses.

Mr Cartwright explained that he wanted to make sure no young children stumbled across the remains.

He said: ‘We did not want any children going past to see it, or for any dogs to go near the body.’

headless body
Torso found near Queens Promenade, Bispham

Police detective Emma Shuttleworth explained that they were unable to publicly reveal the identity of the remains.

She said: “We do not know who it is at this stage.”

The police investigation continues.


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