Hypocrite Feinstein Caught Not Wearing Mask at Airport After Demanding “Mandatory Mask Policy”

Fact checked
Dianne Feinstein caught not wearing a mask at airport

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein was caught in a DC airport not wearing a mask, despite her strict ‘mandatory mask policy. ‘

Fox News host Tucker Carlson leaked the photos of 87-year-old Feinstein sashaying through a private terminal at Dulles airport without a mask on.

Just three months ago Feinstein demanded a mandatory airport mask mandate.

But it looks like the mask mandate is only for ordinary Americans.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein’s partner-in-crime in the House was recently caught on surveillance video walking through a shuttered hair salon in San Francisco sans face mask.

New York Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo (D) was recently spotted walking his dog sans face mask.

Face mask mandates are unconstitutional and are clearly being used to control, humiliate and abuse American citizens.


    • Any law is passed by the moral authority of the rule of law and is done by consent if the majority in the house You need to remember they all of them in their pass laws As a team of multicultural people. And the people let them .Hitler knew exactly how to legislate .and gain consent to spread his beliefs that sent Germany to Hell .

        • Yes but he couldn’t do it without the majority approval There never has been equality anywhere ever. Theres always a power structure and wuth it goes a money structure and a privileged position .The haves and have nots .One way or another its always the same regardless of the labels . And almost all of ir is actually just illusion Illusion of ownership of private property of freedom of money .Just a cunning fraud really .Peoole actually have nothing but the right to work and live to work to reproduce themselves to maintain supply if resources ,of slaves really, and to pay to raise then and train them ,and rhen the right to be put down when useless .And pay for the eradication, or disposal of their carcass .

  1. Actions speak louder than words .Look at the actions of Fergusson,Pelosi and so many others who would have us live in fear for our lives of their pandemic.

  2. Rules are for the little people, says all Democrat-Neocons.

    Feinstein reminds me of Leona Helmsley, another rich Jewish bitch who said that “only little people pay taxes”.

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