Iran Will Continue To Upgrade Missiles – Calls US Sanctions Illegal

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Iran has denounced new sanctions imposed by the US over its ballistic missile programme calling them illegal and hypocritical.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari said that the US sanctions against Iran’s ballistic missile program … “have no legal or moral legitimacy”

“America sells tens of billions of dollars of weaponry each year to countries in the region,” Ansari added “These weapons are used in war crimes against Palestinian, Lebanese and most recently Yemeni citizens.”

On Sunday, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on 11 companies and individuals for helping to supply Iran’s ballistic missile program.

The Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said that Iran will unveil new domestically-designed and manufactured missiles in the near future in defiance of new US sanctions.

Press TV reports: “[Any] attempt to impose new sanctions [against Iran] under irrelevant pretexts is indicative of the continued US hostile policy and acrimony toward the Iranian nation, and a futile effort to undermine Iran’s defense might,” Dehqan said on Monday. 

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s missile industry is fully domestically-manufactured and anchored in science and expertise of the country’s defense sector.

“Hence, sanctions against [certain] people and companies will have no impact on the development of the industry, and we will actually demonstrate [their ineffectiveness] by displaying new missiles,” he added.
Earlier on Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the country will continue to enhance its missile capabilities in defiance of the “destructive” US sanctions over the Islamic Republic’s missile program.

“We will respond to such propaganda stunts and disruptive measures by more robustly pursuing our lawful missile program and promoting our defense capabilities and national security,” the statement added.

It further noted that Iran’s missiles serve defensive and deterrent purposes and have not been designed to carry nuclear warheads.

“The Iranian missile program has by no means been designed to carry nuclear weapons and is not in contravention of any international principle,” the statement pointed out.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said last year that Tehran should expand its missile program as a response to threats of new US sanctions. He said that his country had the right to continue developing its missiles, since they were not capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

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