Ireland: Another Footballer Dies Suddenly

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Irish footballer Oisin fields

Yet another footballer has suffered a sudden death

Tributes have been paid to a young Irish footballer following his sudden death on Wednesday.

Oisin Fields from Armagh died while playing football with his friends. His death has sent shockwaves across his local community and prompted an outpouring of tributes from those who knew and worked with him.

He had played for Navan Harps, which competes in the Lonsdale League.

The Belfast Telegraph reports: Mr Fields’ employer said he passed away while “playing football with his friends”.

His current team Navan Harps described being “devastated” at the loss of a “friend and teammate”.

“We extend our sympathy and support to all his family and friends at this time,” they said.

“Thank you to everyone who has expressed their condolences to the club and its players. We will pass them onto Oisin’s family in the coming days,” they added.

Mr Fields was widely involved in sport across the local area, including Gaelic football.

He was a former player at Pearse Og Armagh GFC, who said they were “saddened” to learn of his passing.

“We extend our deepest sympathy to his parents Antoinette & Tony and brothers Anton & Ronan. Our condolences are with the entire Fields’ family,” they added.

In a statement, the Lonsdale League said it was “shocked and saddened” to learn of Mr Fields’ “untimely passing”.


  1. Very soon this will become so common that no one will bother to report it anymore. You’ll see it when you are out and about.

  2. only thing “missing” is whether he got the clot shot…….did not mention it because most likely he did. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. wake up sheeple.

  3. Strawburied Fields forever: At his funeral they’ll be playing Covid Harps, the jabbed mourners silently wondering if they’ll be next to take that final dive.

    youtube dot com/watch?v=HtUH9z_Oey8. Where nothing is real. Is it Paul or is it Faul, Mark Staycer or Lennon, the Intel folk well-know how the listeners were sold the fake lemon.

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