Italian PM Blames ‘Covid Health Crisis’ On The Unjabbed

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Draghi mandatory covid jabs

Those Italians who chose not to be vaccinated against covid are largely responsible for the continued health crisis according to Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi

“We must never lose sight of the fact that most of the problems we have today are because there are non-vaccinated people,” Draghi told a news conference last week. “For the umpteenth time, I invite all those Italians who are not yet vaccinated to do so, and to get the third shot.”

By singling out the unjabbed for most of the country’s covid problems, the former European Central Bank chief has justified making the vaccinations mandatory for everyone aged over 50.

Under the government’s compulsory vaccination order, Italy’s public and private sector workers aged 50 or over are now obliged to have a “Super” Green Pass in order to enter their workplace from 15 February

The controversial vaccine mandate applies to all residents over the age of 50 in Italy, including foreign nationals, freelance workers and the unemployed, and will be in place until at least 15 June.

Wanted in Rome reports : From Tuesday, employees over 50 without the Super Green Pass will not be permitted to enter their workplace, with every day they miss as a result regarded as “unjustified” absence.

After five days off work, employees will be suspended and have their pay frozen, with the time off not counted for pension contributions or accrued for holidays.

Fines for going to work without a Super Green Pass range from €600 to €1,500 however nobody can be fired for not having the vaccine certificate.


  1. He would have no choice since they’re all Catholics and the Pope said its everyone’s moral duty to get jabbed.. Doesn’t apply if your not Catholic because the Pope has no authority over you.

  2. We all know who is too blame for the covid “crisis”

    Fauci and his psychopath team of virologist. Peter Daszak.

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