Japan Orders Investigation After Jab Deaths Soar to 400% Following Booster Rollout

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Excess deaths in Japan soar following Pfizer booster rollout - authorities order immediate investigation

Excess deaths in Japan soared by a whopping 400% since Pfizer’s third-dose “booster shot” was rolled out last year, according to new data.

“Excess deaths were approximately four times the number of those in the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021,” a report in The Exposé states.

Naturalnews.com reports: But wait: where is 2020 in that mix? We are glad you asked because it turns out that 2020, before the so-called “vaccines” were unleashed, saw the least number of excess deaths compared to all nine years prior.

In other words, 2020, the year of the scamdemic – and also the only year of the scamdemic without the jabs – saw the least number of excess deaths in Japan’s recent history. Excess deaths there only began to soar after Donald Trump unleashed the shots at the end of 2020 going into 2021.

“Logical analysis and Occam’s razor indicate that the mRNA experiment is associated with significant loss of life,” wrote Joel Smalley about the phenomenon we are now witnessing.

Had covid “vaccines” never existed, millions of lives could have been SAVED from sudden death

Japanese people tend to be highly compliant when it comes to obeying their government’s orders, we are told. When covid shots were introduced and pushed there, most Japanese people did not skip a beat in complying.

As a result, Japan became majority-“fully vaccinated” much quicker than other countries – and it also became one of the world’s excess deaths leaders, clocking in higher-than-average rates of sudden death.

“… immediately after the covid ‘epidemic’ in 2020, Japan had the most significant period of seasonal deficit in ten years in terms of mortality after no excess mortality whatsoever,” The Exposé reported.

“And yet, in the aftermath of the mass mRNA experiment (to protect them against a virus / disease that they did not need protection from), they have experienced higher seasonal excess and lower seasonal deficit ever since.”

Put simply, 2020 was a great year for Japan, which saw the lowest “super excess” in mortality in a decade. In 2021 when Operation Warp Speed was in full swing, “super excess” mortality began to rise back to the usual range. By 2022, the year of the “booster,” excess mortality in Japan increased fourfold.

How anyone, based on publicly available data, can still argue that these injections are “saving lives” is simply mind-boggling. It is abundantly clear based on the facts that “covid” is not killing people, the jabs are.

“Before the ‘vaccination’ campaign, the seasonal deficit mortality averaged just over 45k,” The Exposé revealed. “In 2022, it was just 17k, with both 2021 and 2022 being the only two years since 2011 having baselines higher than the low end of the range trend.”

“In terms of ‘net deficit,’ once again 2022 has seen a substantial rise above normal levels, at around four times recent years, after 2020 (the year of the covid ‘epidemic’) had bucked the recent trend, coming in substantially lower.”

“So, after a year of below-normal mortality, measure both in terms of seasonal excess and baseline during the alleged epidemic, Japan is now experiencing the worst mortality outcomes in recent times.”


  1. Inventing the covid 19 virus was the vessel, the vaccines and boosters was the tool to reduce current as well as future generations of mutated DNA resulting in an entire new species of mutated human beings that will have very short life spans.

    Thank bill gates for that. And there is no undoing it, the only way to save humanity at this point is to mandate selective breeding of non vaccinated people, not allowing vaccinated people to reproduce and protecting the pure blooded offspring from cross contamination until the current generation of mutated DNA has expired.

    Bill gates and his elite friends want only enough human slaves to serve their own purpose and everyone else must be eliminated.

  2. Until the criminals who have wrought the COVID scourge on mankind are brought to justice, the world remains in peril. Politicians, government employees, big pharma, Bill Gates and other NGO, and unethical medical providers and insurers should spent many sleepless nights awaiting their trials.

  3. You cannot use % increase on over-mortality! Suppose in country A it goes from 0.1%to 1.1% that is 1000% increase but only 1% extra dearths and in another country it goes from 1% to 5% that is ‘only’ 400% increase but 4% extra deaths.
    Don’t be so stupid or think that we are.

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