“Jesus Is Coming for You Nancy! Go Back to Pedo Island!” – Nancy Pelosi FURIOUS As Protestors Confront Her

Fact checked
Protestors tell Nancy Pelosi to go back to pedo island

Nancy Pelosi was reportedly furious after she was greeted by angry protestors during a visit to the UK on Saturday.

The nasty House Speaker was greeted by British citizens, who screamed in her face ”Trump won!… You’re not welcome here… Go back to Epstein Island!… We don’t want you!… The whole world knows that Trump won the 2020 election!”

In the video below, protestors can also be heard shouting, “Repent!  Jesus is coming for you Nancy.”



    • Anglicans .Quite likely. And the reason Henry could create the church of england is because of an ancient law ,hidden by the catholics no doubt, that states that no one in England can be above the King .No king of Kings or pope. So unless they have annulled that law or hidden it amended it to render it useless ,then the same still applies .

        • And there’s a lot hidden under the Vatican too, including a small portique that has a drawing of Lucifer and hailed as a sacred place by el popo.

  1. I highly doubt she was angry about it. she doesn’t care what anyone thinks except her central banker handler.

    • No she only cares what the Pope thinks Ypu don’t know much about Catholicism do you Havent you wondered why so many of the people on tbe stage are all Catholics ?Its NOT co incidence I’ll give you the rip and yes your partly tight I that you will find rhen at the central banks too.

  2. Good job Brits, good job. These fascists need aggressive pushback wherever they go. Never give them a moment peace.

    We all have to stand together and fight. Worldwide.

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