Joe Biden Caught Fondling Little Girl at White House Hanukkah Party

Fact checked
Biden fondles little girl at White House event party

Joe Biden just can’t keep his hands to himself.

Joe and Jill Monday evening hosted a Hanukkah reception that included a menorah lighting and blessing.

“This year’s Hanukkah arrives in the midst of rising and emboldened of antisemitism at home and, quite frankly, around the world. I recognize your fear, your hurt, your worry that this vile and venom is becoming too normal,” Biden declared from the Grand Foyer.

“As your president, I want to make this clear. Silence is complicity. We must not remain silent. And I made no bones about it from the very beginning: I will not be silent. America will not be silent,” Biden said. reports: After lighting the White House menorah, Joe Biden turned his sights on children standing next to the lectern.

Biden couldn’t keep his paws off of a little girl.

Joe Biden claimed the children asked him how he became president.

Biden made the menorah lighting about himself and rambled on about his run for the White House.



  1. Correct The Romans were always the enemies of the Jews. King Herod sent out his soldiers to murder every baby boy under the age of 2 as soon as he heard of the possibility of the birth of the Messiah.
    God has the Jews as his Chosen people and anyone who dares to defy him, regardless of the Jews are evil or not, does so at their own peril. The Bible makes it very clear to anyone who gas actually read it that God will decide who gets what when and where and no one else. No one. He gives no one His Authority and He appoints no Second in Command. “Revenge is MINE, Sayeth the Lord”

  2. Oh come on there is nothing in this footage other than an old fashioned cook intruding into a young girls private space a bit too much, but she handled it well.

  3. “Joe Biden Caught Fondling Little Girl at White House”

    WHY the deceptive title Sean Tababtabaei? But the little girl was very vigilant of the creep in cheef and backed away.

  4. And it’s, typical of them to act as if loving of the Jews in public. Typical. Nothing is what it seems Satan the great deceiver. Look they even pretend they love Moslems too.

  5. Ol Joe can’t even tell the truth to a little girl. Xiden should have explained how he is occupying the WH by establishing the most inclusive voter fraud program

  6. He is down with other 500,000 POPE puppet/SS who DO unto themselfs endless crime on humanity& pay billions for under age tassy rites of BINGO

  7. ‘How did you become the President”

    Well, easy answer, we used corruption and grift as always, we have control of all the voting machine software and can manipulate the vote count any time we need more votes to win. It is way Democrats have been elected for decades, it is called stuffing the ballot box.

  8. Alan,Isn’t there a simple way for companies like Comptech, Progressive, and the rest of these to be prevented from receiving any more taxpayer funds until at least they have been exonerated (which is doubtful) from the criminal actions they colluded into as described in your article and is shown in the artifacts attached?Great article and analysis and I agree 100%. She would have won in 2018 if she had kept her mouth shut about Stone Mountain. Woke folk are going to be the biggest problem for Dems in the next election. Bill Maher explains this a lot better than me.I am a haitian oungan asogwe, leaving in Queens, NY, – A friend of mine e-mailed me one of your publications, honnestly I must tell you, I AM STUPEFIED after reading your beautiful development about JanJak Desalin, watching the videos about DEFILE, and the videos of that African lady about the power of 7 Vodoun Lwa – I am speechless..thanks so muchMany thanks to Carlo and Juan Carlos for hosting last weekend’s Art & Class Discussion Club. Random Parts was an excellent space to be together and particularly relevant to our ongoing discussions around art, housing, and the changing face of Oakland, San Francisco, and the Bay Area. So nice to meet new folks and learn from your perspectives and experiences working as artists in this region. Thanks for sharing!We decided to continue our conversation around A Paradise Built in Hell for the next get together.So there’s time to catch up for those who have not yet read the book and want to and/or another opportunity to join the conversation if you were not able to attend last weekend.Next meeting will be in San Francisco. Date and location to be determined.If you’re interested in hosting some weekend in late-April or sometime in May, please let me know!Many thanks,ElizabethQuestion:Why do so many conservative commentators blame Ukraine and support Russia in this war?They seem to believe Ukraine is more corrupt than Russia and that the US is complicit in starting the war.One article from a conservative church website even lamented that Ukraine is “Russian’s breadbasket”, thus the sentiment:Poor Russia.I still believe that Russia is the inhumane aggressor and needs to be removed from all of Ukraine.I’ve been an Axios reader since the first newsletter by Dan Primack launched and signed up for Mike Allen’s Axios AM to get my politics fix. I continue to start my day with these and they have served to be very useful in understanding news of the day and what could be coming next (Steve Bannon issued his statement to them exclusively after the fallout from the book so they must be doing something right!).I am deeply saddened by the tone deaf staff picture after a year where diversity was clearly a HUGE issue. Hopefully they got the message and will actively try to recruit from a wider pool so as to get more of our lived experiences shining through in the articles.Well done! We, the descendants of European settlers, the ordinary people, now find ourselves under the same colonial boot as trampled your people.Now called the multi-national corporation, our oppressor continues to destroy the land and its people in the name of profit.We are thankful for your efforts to reverse the destructionmy name is Teressa Turner .I have a nehew who is in federal prison and serving a life sentence without parole. He was one of only 2 people in the state of North Carolina . to receive a life sentence. he has been in prison for twenty years. I don’t know who exactly i need to be getting in touch with but I was reaching out to you wondering if maybe you could point me in the right direction. I think his punishment did not fit the crime as it was non violent. thank you so much

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