Jupiter As Seen By Hubble In 4K HD NASA Video

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Video animation of Jupiter taken from observations by the Hubble Space Telescope


A portrait of Jupiter has been put together by NASA using the latest images from their Hubble Space Telescope.

Huffington Post reports:

As part of a new series on the solar system’s outer planets, the space agency has released new maps of Jupiter.

The images reveal a series of features including previously unseen characteristics of the Great Red Spot.

“Every time we look at Jupiter, we get tantalizing hints that something really exciting is going on,” said Amy Simon, a planetary scientist at NASA.

NASA Goddard YouTube video:

“This time is no exception.”

Hubble’s high-performance Wide Field Camera 3 captured the images that have now allowed researchers to work out the speed of Jupiter’s winds.

Simon and her team also found that the Great Red Spot is shrinking. Their findings have been published in the Astrophysical Journal.NASA

The team’s wider goal is to discover more about giant planets’ atmospheres as well as the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans.

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