Ken Livingstone Says Cameron Should Be Sent To Prison

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Ken Livingstone

Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone asks for Prime Minister David Cameron to resign following revelations of dodgy tax dealings by his father.

Prime Minister Cameron is facing a lot of criticism for the small inheritance that was bequeathed to him by his late father in a will. The former mayor of London blames the Prime Minister and his party for all the financial woes of the last few decades, when Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher started an economic experiment.

Russia Today reports:

Livingstone said the Panama Papers scandal is “incredibly damaging” for the PM.

He went on to call Cameron the “most hypocritical prime minister of my lifetime” and described his administration as the “most damaging government.

Speaking to RT, the former Labour mayor said: “I think he should resign, you know, right when he started his term of office, his has been the most damaging government, [inflicting] huge damage to the poorest people, to communities that desperately need investment.

Cameron’s government, for the last six years, has been about a small elite getting richer while the poorer get left behind.

He shouldn’t just resign, he should be sent to prison.

Livingstone highlighted the history behind secretive offshore tax havens, blaming the late former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for deregulating Britain’s financial system.

This deregulation enabled wealthy people to move their money abroad to avoid paying UK tax.

Livingstone said the PM’s late father, Ian Cameron, “spent 30 years laundering money through Panama and didn’t pay a penny of tax to Britain.

And then his son was in denial, refusing to be honest about all of this.


Margaret Thatcher’s economic experiment has brought the world to the edge of despair. Greed is not good after all, and human cunning always corrupts.

The Elite have managed to drain the world’s real assets into their coffers, while burdening the world with a lot of debt and worthless assets. The Friedman style type of economics is not viable.

Maybe American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will come up with a new economic experiment to set the path for the next 35 years, more out of a necessity to explain his eagerly awaited economic policy.

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