King Charles’s Friendship With Jimmy Savile Is Further Confirmed

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The close ties between King Charles III and Britain’s most notorious pedophile and serial rapist, the late Jimmy Savile are resurfacing.

The latest press allegation mixes the Savile scandal with the Prince Andrew scandal, by way of Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Columnist Ephraim Hardcastle wrote in the Daily Mail: “Sexual predator Jimmy Savile claimed Charles, then Prince of Wales, asked him to rehabilitate Sarah Ferguson after her notorious 1992 toe-sucking episode. He boasted he had been charged with ‘sorting out’ the Duchess of York.

‘I was helping [Sarah] not to get publicity rather than to get publicity,’ he told his biographer Dan Davies.

‘The thing about me is I get things done. I work deep cover… people don’t realize I’m deep cover until it’s too late’.”

It is also being reported that Prince Charles included pedophile, Jimmy Savile, in a draft list of potential godparents weeks after his second son Harry was born in 1984.

The name “James Wilson Vincent Savile, OBE” was reportedly seen among the list of other names by Charles’s then Private Secretary.

TGP reports: The selection of possible Godfathers was written by Charles and seen by his then-private secretary, the late Edward Adeane.

“Adeane was aware that Charles would not listen to any argument against Savile. Having a fractious relationship with Diana, he felt he could not approach Harry’s mother. 

He did discuss it with Sir Alastair Aird, the Queen Mother’s comptroller, who was duly horrified and assured Adeane that the matter would be ‘dealt with’. Savile didn’t make the final six.”

As we can glean, the friendship between the late pedophile and the future King was of a very close nature. So much so, that Charles called on Savile to help the family to deal with disgraced Duchess of York ‘Fergie’.

The Guardian reported:

“In another note in 1989, [Charles] wrote: ‘I wonder if you would ever be prepared to meet my sister-in-law – [Sarah Ferguson] the Duchess of York? Can’t help feeling that it would be extremely useful to her if you could. I feel she could do with some of your straightforward common sense!’

In a letter written the following year, Charles told Savile he was ‘so good at understanding what makes people operate and you’re wonderfully skeptical and practical’.”

Sarah Ferguson had just divorced Prince Andrew back in 1992 when she was caught poolside by paparazzi in a sexed-up situation that was one of the greatest scandals of the Royal Family – up to that point.

The Daily Mirror reported:

“The Duchess was embroiled in arguably the Royal family’s biggest ever scandal [up to that point] when compromising photographs with her ‘financial advisor’, taken at her holiday villa in St Tropez, were published in the Daily Mirror.

The intimate pictures, shot with a telephoto lens as the couple lazed by the pool, show Texan millionaire John Bryan kissing and sucking the Duchess’ toes and the arch of her foot.

When photographs were published, Ferguson was staying at Balmoral with the rest of the royal family. She  left the Scottish holiday home and drove to Aberdeen airport with her children and nanny.

It would be many years until she was gradually accepted by ‘The Firm’ again. However, as we know, her poolside indiscretion was nothing compared to the scandal involving her ex-husband the Duke of York.

And if the scandal of Charles involvement with Jimmy Savile hits the newsstands, it can be an even bigger one.

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