Kurds Love Trump, Name Restaurant After Him

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Kurds in northern Iraq have jumped on the Trump bandwagon and opened a fish restaurant in honor of his name.

Donald Trump has shown admiration for Kurdish fighters who single handedly have managed to push back the so-called Islamic State.

Iraqi Kurds have faith in the newly elected US president, with some going as far as naming their newborn babies after him.

A new fish restaurant bearing the president-elect’s name has opened in the northern city of Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdisatan.

restaurantThe Daily Caller:

Nadyar Zawiti decided to honor Trump by titling his seafood joint located in Dohuk, Iraq, “Trump Fish.”

Zawiti became a fan of Trump when he heard him say during the campaign that the U.S. should help arm Kurdish forces so they can fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), according to CNN.

“What I admire about Trump’s personality is that he’s decisive, he’s tough, and hopefully with that toughness he’ll finish ISIS off,” Zawiti said.

Zawiti wants to one day open a branch of Trump Fish near the White House, reports CNN. Zawiti believes that Trump’s proposal to forbid all Muslims from entering the U.S. was an empty campaign promise.

The Donald Trump-themed logo of the new restaurant looks familiar.

Hassan Jamil, a fighter for Peshmerga, the Kurdish military forces in northern Iraq, named his recently born son Trump, according to a Kurdish news station.

“I love Donald Trump, I was eager for him to be elected as the U.S. President, I believe that he has a strong personality, that is why I named my newborn child Trump,” Jamil said. “I couldn’t sleep the night people were casting their ballots to elect the U.S. President, not until it was revealed that Donald Trump was the winner.”

This isn’t the only instance of a Kurdish family naming a newborn after Trump.


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