Lena Dunham Accused of Sexual Misconduct After Trying to Kiss Brad Pitt

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Lena Dunham is under fire for what many media members are saying is her awkward attempt to kiss Brad Pitt on the lips.

Left-wing feminist and actress Lena Dunham is under fire for what many media members are saying is her awkward attempt to kiss Brad Pitt on the lips during the premiere of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

Recently surfaced photos show the Girls creator and actress attempting to kiss Pitt on the lips, sparking a flurry of headlines about her alleged sexual misconduct:

“Lena Dunham Kisses Brad Pitt on Red Carpet, Sparking Misconduct Discussion,” Complex’s headline read. “Lena Dunham accused of being ‘inappropriate’ after Brad Pitt kiss,” Yahoo declared. “A photo of Lena Dunham appearing to awkwardly kiss Brad Pitt has people talking about the double standards of consent,” Insider assessed.

As Insider noted, the photo did, in fact, provoke a conversation on the feminist double standards on sexual assault and consent.

“If this is accurate- and Lena Dunham attempted to kiss Brad Pitt on the lips without consent, call it what it is: sexual assault/harassment,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Alternate headline: Lena Dunham sexually assaults Brad Pitt,” another added.

Per Breitbart: The actress has been a fierce advocate for feminism and has made extreme statements like, “I’d honestly rather fall into one million manholes than have one single dude tell me to watch my step” and “What if 30 million women or so filed a class action suit against the president for emotional distress? Just spitballing here.”

The HBO star, who aggressively opposes President Donald Trump, emphatically supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. Despite her professed devotion to all things feminist, she admitted that she performed at a Clinton benefit organized by the Weinstein Company, despite knowing about the disgraced producer’s abominable behavior.

In an op-ed for the New York Times, she wrote:

In the fall of 2016, I performed at a benefit for Hillary Clinton organized by the Weinstein Company. I had heard the rumors. I felt that going onstage under his aegis was a betrayal of my own values. But I wanted so desperately to support my candidate that I made a calculation. We’ve all made calculations, and saying we’re sorry about those calculations is not an act of cowardice. It’s an essential change of position that could shift the way we do business and the way women regard their own position in the workplace. I’m sorry I shook the hand of someone I knew was not a friend to women in my industry.

That aside, Dunham is no stranger to flaunting her sexuality, frequently posting provocative photos on social media for her millions of followers to see:

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