Liberal ‘Fat Studies’ Lecturer, Who Told Students ‘Fat Is Healthy’, Dies in Her Sleep

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Liberal fat studies teacher who taught students that being fat is healthy dies suddenly in her sleep

A liberal University professor who taught students that being fat was healthy died suddenly in her sleep this weekend.

Dr. Cat Pausé, a Massey University ‘fat studies’ lecturer, focused on the impacts of “fat stigma” and made it her life’s mission to spread ‘body positivity’ about being morbidly obese.

Dr. Pausé, 42, described herself in her Twitter bio: “Fatlicious. Feminist. Glorifying obesity since ’09. Tearing down white supremacy w/my fat fingers. Friend of Marilyn pod. Sociology, Public Health, Fat Studies”

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Cat Pause,​ an academic whose research explored the impacts of “fat stigma”, has died.

A fat studies researcher, Pause’s work focused on the wellbeing of overweight people and “the effects of spoiled identities” on their health.

Pause spoke to Stuff in January about the discrimination fat people face in their everyday lives, especially in regard to healthcare. Moral panic over obesity levels perpetuate this.

“Everyone has anti-fat attitudes. We find them in kids as young as three. We’re not born hating fat people, we’re not born finding fat people disgusting, or that fat people are lazy or lacking discipline or willpower,” Pause said.

“We learned these attitudes, we can absolutely unlearn them.” reports: Labour MP Deborah Russell and others reacted to Dr. Pausé’s sudden death.