Liberals Want to Cancel the Word “Obesity” Because It’s “Racist”

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Liberals vow to ban the 'racist' word 'obesity'

‘Woke’ liberals at the University of Illinois Chicago’s school of public health published an article claiming the word “obesity” is “racist” and should be completely banned.

Author Amanda Montgomery, RN, claims that race scientists used “fatness and differing body characteristics” to classify black people as “less civilized” and “as a way to justify slavery, racism and classism, and control women,” according to her health brief, entitled “Addressing weight stigma and fatphobia in public health.” reports: Montgomery also contends that losing weight “has detrimental effects on our physiology” and many people can’t become thinner because of “uncontrollable genetic or environmental factors.”

Obesity is defined by the World Health Organization as having a body mass index over 30. The organization says the condition is “preventable” by eating healthy food and engaging in regular exercise.

A person’s BMI is calculated by dividing their body weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared. The medical community considers a “healthy” BMI to be between 20 and 25.

Montgomery argues that the BMI is a flawed measurement that is “not representative of the entire human population,” because it does not consider health behaviors or body composition.

More than two out of five Americans — including half of the black population — are obese, which leads to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and early death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The US is now considered the most obese country in the western world.

In 1960, only 13 percent of the country’s population was classified as obese, statistics show.

Experts blame the massive increase on a societal trend toward processed foods, larger meal servings and sedentary lifestyles.


  1. It’s big farma mated with the human resources grocer together maximising profits per pound of fat on the human flock as if measuring up the profitability of a pig pen.

  2. How about just banned the word “racist”—that would solve a lot or how about let freedom of speech continue.

  3. If Amanda Montgomery, RN, had done her homework in genetics, she would have discovered that yes the rate of blacks being obese is above average due to the fact that black slaves on the coffin ships who were fat were more likely to survive – but the same is also true for the Irish who were on coffin ships as slaves or as immigrants coming to America and elsewhere. Those with the fat genes survived and passed it on down to their descendants. Last time I checked Irish were white, so how is this racist? This info comes from a biologist who has studied alot of genetics and comes from numerous sources he has studied.

    • Yeah… problem with that theory is that almost NO ONE was fat or significantly overweight before the late 90s / 00s.

      • People were significantly overweight all the time, look at pictures of people in mid to late 1800s, which belies your statement. In fact it was viewed as a sign of great success, it meant you could eat to excess. Ever hear of gout? It’s caused by eating too much protein and was rampant for centuries. Do some research on what I said, there are numerous sources out there that confirms my statements. America’s weight problems did get worse in the 90s but lots of people were fat before then.

        • Lol ok… “overweight” in and of itself is not a problem except nutcases. And some do better that way. I said “SIGNFICANTLY OVERWEIGHT”, btw.

          What is new is obesity. FATNESS. And obesity in the numbers we’ve seen in the past 30 years is brand new and never seen before, because never have so many humans traded in animal fat and protein, real dairy and eggs for veggies and grains. I am aware of grains failing certain groups of humans in history, but that was also when starvation was common in normal (1st / 2nd world) societies, which it is NOT today…

          • Read my comment, i never said that the people in coffin ships were obese. I talked about WHY number of obese blacks TODAY was higher than the average.

  4. They told everyone to stop eating fat and good protein from animal sources and dairy, and switch over to carbs and vegetables. And more recently, straight up soy and wheat (well over half of the vegan diet). Guess what happens when you don’t get nutrition and you eat nothing but empty garbage calories? You get fat..

    They told everyone to stop smoking cigarettes but marijuana’s AOK… guess what happens when you switch from a mild appetite suppressant and regulator to a drug that gives you more of an appetite than anything else on a planet? You eat more junk (what dopeheads crave) and get fatter.

    They’ve also destroyed food altogether. Since after 1996, they’ve sprayed and made all remaining remotely edible grains complete and utter junk. Now you can pretty much only have some occasional rice. I do fine with some corn, but it’s highly questionable. So while someone could casually eat pizza or pasta in the 90s no problem, 10-15 years later he’s in pain or feels sick and is getting fat for no reason.

    Now we need to “accept” fat people… I don’t pick on people about their size, but they ARE the consequence of their actions…

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