Lindsey Graham Calls For US Tanks On The Ground In Ukraine For War Against Russia

Fact checked

Lindsay wants his war with Russia.

Graham Putin

Sen Lindsey Graham has called on President Biden to send ‘heavy modern tanks’ to Ukraine for war against Russia, as requested by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

His request came after Emanuel Macron announced this week that France would to send the first Western tanks to Ukraine.

Seems that Graham, an avid Putin hater, wants war so badly with nuclear Russia, that he can’t get there quick enough

Gateway Pundit reports: In 2021 the US surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan, armed their military with $80 billion in US weapons, and abandoned thousands of Americans and green card holders on the ground.

No one was fired.

Now Lindsey wants to use these same idiots to start a nuclear war with Russia.
This guy is a psycho.


  1. Meanwhile, the druglords in Mexico/S. America are creating havoc and have already started WW3 against those who would arrest them, i.e. the Mexican military for one. Why is msm ignoring this and why is Ms. Lindsey (R-chifferobe) wanting to support Ukraine – world’s #1 spot for trafficking drugs and who are probably sending all that money U.S. is giving them to Mexican druglords for military equipment???

    • Not your fight ?
      This War agains Russia has been fought by the US-Led Western Miltary Forces from the Very First Day .
      Or rather since 2014 when the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Political Leadership of Ukraine was toppled by the US-Organized Coup d’Etatn and replaced by American agents .

  2. Graham can’t act differently now after he promised Ukrainians for years that the USA will support them in the NEXT WAR against Russia.
    There vids where he – still under “democratic” Obama, mind you – was in Ukraine, surrounded by Ukro-soldiers and, like in some native indian ritual, did something like a war dance, chanting for the next fight against Russia.
    This is how you get other people to die for you.

    And the best part: Europe will pay the price!
    No, quite literally: Europe will pay for the American weapons shipped to Ukraine in the “lend lease” program.
    It’s a big lie that the American taxpayer will come up for everything.
    Of course they extract as much money from the taxpayer as possible pay but the weapons are getting paid by Europeans because the EU pays the Ukraine which then pays the USA.

    So lean back, my American friends: while the stupid Europeans (like myself) pay for WW3 you will get it for free!

    • Mehr gefälschte nachrichten… Kein Land führt bei dieser Invasion sein eigenes Rennen, weil es alles eine politische Agenda ist, die von den Vereinten Nationen geführt und von den Juden und ihren Marionetten (Politikern) vorangetrieben wird. Die meisten Menschen wollen einfach nicht wissen oder verstehen, dass dies eine politische Agenda ist. Einige schaffen es jedoch zu verstehen, dass Politiker absichtlich daran arbeiten, Muslime zu importieren und die Menschen zu ersetzen, aber das war’s auch schon, sie sind wie ein Computer, der nicht weitermachen kann, weil das Programm es nicht zulässt.

      Der Juden-Messianismus verbreitet seit fast zweitausend Jahren seine giftige Botschaft unter uns. Demokratische und kommunistische Universalismen sind neu, aber sie gekommen, um das alte jüdische Narrativ zu verstärken. Das sind der dieselben Ideale . . . Die transnationalen, transrassischen, transkulturellen Ideale, die diese Ideologien uns predigen (jenseits von Völkern, Rassen, Kulturen) und die tägliche Nahrung in unseren Schulen, in unseren Medien, in unserer Popkultur, bei unseren Universitäten und auf unseren Straßen sind, haben unser biosymbolische Identität und unser ethnischer Stolz auf ihren minimalen Ausdruck reduziert.

    • Ha ha! Downvotes from the Siamese Nazi Twins – I’m feeling honored!
      How about creating some additional accounts to make a proper rally? Would make you feel right at home, girls!

    • Perfect !

      The Stewards of the Soros Cabal in Brussels promised long ago that it will be us, the Citizens of the EU who will foot the bill for the re-building of everything what was and will be destroyed in Ukraine with the American Weapons .

  3. Now the word in the Underground Media is Russia will put 1 million troops in the field with 3,000 tanks and attack in 2~4 weeks time when the ground is frozen in Ukraine to easily carry their 45 ton tanks. When this happens the war will be over in 10 days time.

  4. Because England has wanted Russia under freon lands since the ROMANOFFS were Victoria’s grandkids. Is that Victoria’s secret? It was her who adamantly encouraged the ROMANOFFS to refuse Constitiuonal government Itvwas her who insisted it was a hateful system and they would regret it if the neglected their Dury to shod to rule as Autocrats That’s what sent the family to their deaths and pushed Russia into the great deceivers grip The fake communist takeover. It was the cousins in England, esp that Mary of Teck, remeber her? She was the one people dreaded coming visiting because her hosts would have to hide all their valuables because Mary would come in and after exchanging pleasantries would check the place out and them decide what she would have and arrange for whatever she wanted to be collected and delivered, she in particular was insistent that the servant who rushed into them dining at breakfast with the urgent request for asylum from the ROMANOFFS was so rude they would just be ignored utterly The day after the murder of the Russian cousins they changed their name to Windsor.Meanwhile the fortune in gold in the Bank of England, the girls dowries, that the ROMANOFFS had there on deposit ie earning no. Interest later when the surviving family members tried to claim became more elusive than the Cgechire cat eventually fading completely from view Never to be found again. Is it secret.

  5. I vote we put tanks outside of this cocksuckers bedroom door.

    How the hell did this FPOS get elected? Or was he “selected”?

  6. How long before this dirty rat is down in Dante’s ninth circle cleaning toilets with his BFF john McCIA?
    Well that’s too damn long..

  7. Ms. Graham should parachute into the front lines and show us how a jag officer goes to war LOLOL. He may find himself all alone in the foxhole though as homosexuality is frowned on in that part of the world.

  8. Lindsay Graham won’t be happy until he’s playing reach around with Zelensky in a Moscow steam bath.

  9. Graham is another bought and paid for traitor that should be arrested and placed in line at the gallows.
    Ukraine is nothing more than a bought and paid excuse for the NWO Billionaire Globalists to try and seize power over the largest countries in the world. Want to end the problem, round up the billionaire globalists responsible and terminate every one of them.

  10. The updated T-72 can shoot holes in the Abrams with its rocket projectile from 5 kilometers away.

    Negotiations are the answer.

  11. Hey Lindsey, why don’t you take your Chickenhawk ass over to Ukraine so you can man one of the tanks when they arrive. While you’re waiting, grab an AK and head up to the front lines. Maybe when you see what war is really like you won’t be so eager to perpetuate it

  12. That was long expected. Not sure why she is calling for it and not her kosher bankster lackey sisters. (Lindsey Graham is a trans woman).

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