Mad Maxine: Trump Supporters Think They Can Stop Black People Rising to Power

Fact checked
Rep. Waters accuses Trump supporters of wanting to stop black people rising to power

California Rep. Maxine Waters has slammed both President Trump and his supporters, claiming they are trying to stop black people from rising to power.

Waters appeared on MSNBC’s ‘AM Joy,’ where she made the outlandish claims against Trump supporters without a shred of evidence.

Host Joy Reid began:

“Roger Stone found guilty by a jury on seven federal criminal counts, no jail time. Kalief Browder, accused of stealing a backpack couldn’t post bail, spent three years at Rikers Island awaiting trial, ultimately committed suicide after release.”

“We have two justice systems in our country. This is the reason that the Black Lives Matter movement has taken hold, that there are two systems of justice for the rich, the poor, the white, the Black,” Reid continued.

“What do you make of those who are still to this day criticizing Black Lives Matter, such as Senator Kelly Loeffler? What do you make of that, that they are still doing that?”

Waters responded:

“I think you said it earlier today when you talked about this need for Trump and those who support him to want to, you know, have absolute power and to believe that it is their right and their responsibility to ensure that blacks and people of color and others do not rise to any level of influence and power, significant that would cause them not to be in total charge of the country.”

Waters added:

“So that young man is typical of so many young black men and women who have been sent to jail, who have been convicted, who have served long sentences. This justice system is broken. It has never really been in our favor, and it has basically been responsible for ensuring that we could never ever get beyond this suppression and this oppression that has been forced upon us for so many years. So those who criticize Black Lives Matter, they can continue to do that, but I want to tell you the time has come now where we are joined by so many others who really were not there for us in the past. You saw it in all of the protests where you had whites and blacks and Asians and old and young, all saying something is wrong with this country. Something is wrong with our criminal justice system. Something is wrong with our policing. It is racism.”



    • I’m just going to say it because its the truth, White folks are the MAJORITY…. world wide.

      Blacks are the majority in Africa, their “homeland”. Go back if you want no resistance to your “power grab”.

      After the Emancipation Proclamation all African Slaves freed should have been sent back to Africa. There and then, if they so choose, they could immigrate to the USA and we would NEVER BE HAVING THESE CONVERSATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

      OR start a War, that is how land disputes have always been resolved if it couldn’t simply be bought or sold.

      Lawful or not, we will defend our Women & Children, our values and culture, to the death. Because living their way, isn’t living at all.

      • If you were new to the US and had to guess the population based on sports and entertainment, you’d likely guess we were 75% black. And that’s totally wrong. Blacks have been patronized way past the point of being ridiculous. And I repeat: blacks are the only ones that gripe about what a “bad deal” they have.

  1. Shes just a troll of the UN and the new world order and blm is just a stepping stone to divide Anerica in toto and weaken the entire nation

  2. No most blacks have done that job pretty well on their own, considering how long they (not all) have been on the planet, and cross referencing to their accomplishments they needed no help in making others see they are not going to ever rise to power for quite some time. Most blacks are their own worst enemy. The day they realize it the sooner they will be on the road to having power.

  3. James Brown the hardest working man in show business. Oh, sorry he is dead, that is just Mad Maxine.

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