Man Arrested for Eating Squirrel After Vegans Complained They Were Offended

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Man arrested for eating squirrel after vegans complained they were deeply offended

A YouTuber was arrested in London after eating a dead squirrel following complaints from angry vegans.

The man, who goes by the handle ‘sv3rige’, arrived in Soho wearing a t-shirt that read “veganism = malnutrition”. reports: He and a friend proceeded to devour dead squirrels, prompting a reaction from vegans who claimed the man was upsetting an autistic boy.

The vegans then called the police, saying they were “offended” by the spectacle.

Although it was pretty disgusting to see a dead squirrel being sliced open and consumed, ‘sv3rige’ and his friends claimed it was their religious right to eat meat as described in the bible.

They also made the point that just claiming to be offended shouldn’t be grounds for arrest, although in the UK it is under the country’s absurd hate crime laws.

Another vegan man also illustrated the ludicrousness of the situation by asking the police that if he was offended by people eating McDonalds, would they be arrested for consuming burgers?

‘Sv3rige’ and his friend were questioned for over half an hour on the street by police before being arrested after they refused to give their personal details.

Words can’t do justice to how bizarre this whole episode was – watch the video for yourself.


  1. Lol cops gov there all puppets. Pigs who are going to burn. Lol ww3 and judgement what a beautiful day it’s going to be. Have fun.

  2. “Sv3rige” – real name Gatis Lagzdins – is a fake. He doesn’t really eat raw meat. All the “raw animal parts” he eats are actually props made of plant-based vegan gelatin substitutes. He is actually a vegan, and he is paid by the vegan establishment to deliberately incite vegans as a pretext to expand hate crime laws in order to criminalize “vegaphobia”.

    If you want the truth about Sv3rige, check out Charles Marlowe’s CMC Broadcasting blog and his BitChute. You can also check out my YouTube – Darth Chaos – and infowarsosDOTcom

  3. Ever since Sv3rige was banned from YouTube, other social media sites are now banning people for criticizing veganism and exposing vegan hypocrisy.

    One such person is Jeoren van Baardwijk, He had a Twitter account under the handle @scottmcalba permanently banned – along with a @scottmcalbatemp account – for tearing vegans a new arsehole. The official policy cited in his ban? “Hateful and abusive conduct.” Yes. Twitter now considers vegans to be a protected minority class.

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