Man Shot To Death For Not Holding Door Open For Woman At McDonald’s

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A Las Vegas father was shot dead outside a McDonald’s for failing to hold the door open for a woman entering the fast food restaurant.

Police are looking for the woman’s boyfriend, who shot the newly found father of a 3-month-old baby, multiple times, during an argument on Saturday night.

Pix11 reports:

The victim, Mohammad Nestor Robinson, 31, was at the Pecos Road McDonald’s on his lunch break when a woman accused him of not holding the door for her, Robinson’s friend later told the family.

“He was coming into McDonald’s and some female was going out,” Robinson’s mother told KVVU. “The door closed before she could get out and what happened is she said a few choice words to him.”

The unidentified woman’s boyfriend confronted Robinson in the parking lot, according to police, and the two argued before the man pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times.

Robinson was rushed to a hospital where he died Sunday morning.

The gunman fled the scene. No arrests have been made.

Robinson’s girlfriend and the mother of their 3-month-old told KSNV her boyfriend was not the type to look for a fight, saying, “He was the utmost respect for his elders. Yes, ma’am — no sir. He’s not confrontational even when we would argue he’d walk away.”

The family is asking for GoFundMe donations to help pay for Robinson’s burial costs.McDonald’s

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