Marine Le Pen Exposes Huge Voter Fraud Scam In France

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Half a million overseas voters have been given two ballots, in what Marine Le Pen has slammed as an attempt to derail her campaign.

Half a million overseas-based French citizens have been given the opportunity to vote twice by the French establishment, in what Marine Le Pen is describing as an example of the globalist’s desperation to keep her out of office.

Days after Le Pen rocketed into the lead in polls for the French presidency, overseas-based French citizens, known to be overwhelmingly leftist, all received duplicate polling cards in the post, allowing them to cast two votes in the first round of the election, held on April 23.

Making the “computer blunder” even more suspicious, French authorities confirmed they would not be investigating the massive voter fraud until after the election, meaning they are allowing double votes will count.

This could derail Le Pen’s insurgent campaign, as most French nationals living outside of the country are leftists who depend on the European Union and its corrupt institutions to support their lifestyle.

Marine Le Pen has vowed to “destroy the New World Order” when she is elected President of France, sending a warning to European elites that she will “dismantle their corrupt, self-serving institutions with my own two hands if I have to.

The people have spoken and their message is clear: the New World Order is finished,” Marine Le Pen said.

Voter fraud

Le Pen’s booming populist support has clearly rattled the establishment, and now they are resorting to dirty tricks to cling onto power in Europe.

Le Pen has got the New World Order running scared, which is why they are in propaganda overdrive, pumping the mainstream media full of scare stories and untruths in an attempt to blind the masses to what is really happening before their very eyes.

They are determined to protect themselves by keeping her out of power by hook or by crook, using every anti-democratic trick in their repertoire.

Rigged election

But Marine Le Pen believes they are fighting a losing battle. People across the world continue waking up and they are rejecting the New World Order in droves.

In a recent BBC interview, Marine Le Pen held her own with a typically hostile mainstream host, and laid out her vision for rejecting globalism and reclaiming French sovereignty.

When I am elected President, I will go to the European Union and say that I want four sovereignties back. Legislative sovereignty: our laws are more important than EU directives. Territorial sovereignty: we decide who comes and stays in our country, we want borders. Thirdly, economic and banking sovereignty: I have the right to promote economic patriotism if I so wish. And of course, monetary sovereignty.”

It seems a Le Pen presidency is more than the establishment of France and the European Union can risk. A dirty tricks campaign against Le Pen, featuring a lying, corrupt mainstream media – and now exposed voter fraud – is threatening to keep the popular candidate out of office.

Voters must be brave, keep their eye on the facts, and not be swayed by mainstream media propaganda.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. She will have an accident within 3 weeks…. she cant be told to shut up… so.. princess Diana le pen.. boom boom.. deady bones.. I like her shes got it going on…

  2. Thats what trump promised also. And look what happened. I hope she wins and hope she survives the onslaught. It is vicious.

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