Thousands Of ISIS Victims Discovered In Mass Grave In Syria

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mass grave

A mass grave containing THOUSANDS of slaughtered innocent victims of the so called Islamic State has been discovered in northern Syria.

The discovery came to light after Kurdish YPG forces recaptured the town of Suluk, 11 miles from the Turkish border and 30 miles from the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

ISIS militants blindfolded their victims and tortured them before throwing them over the edge of a ravine.

mass grave The Daily Express reports:

According to reports, armed forces stumbled across the bones and blood of thousands of men, women and children who are said to have been tortured and then discarded in a deep ravine.

Suluk had been under control of ISIS since February after they mounted a surprise attack that led to the removal of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

The ISIS terrorists immediately went on the rampage carrying out mass killings unchecked for a month before the Kurdish YPG forces staged a battle to oust the terror group in March.

Kurdish YPG forces commander Mohamed Jirkis said: “Just after we arrived to liberate the area, we met with Kurds and Arabs, and asked them about Daesh’s [ISIS] crimes.

“We discovered thousands of bodies of innocent victims in the ravine.”

Sickeningly the terrorists didn’t always execute the people in their traditional style.

According to locals they used blindfolds to torment their victims.

Resident Abdel Halif Al-Jasim said: “They would bring those still alive to the precipice, blindfold them and shoot above their heads to scare them. People would then start running and fall over the edge. They’d bring the bodies of others, covered in blankets, and throw them off.

“The proof is these bones and the blood that’s there. Nobody knows how deep the gorge is.”

Forces have so far been unable to ascertain how many people died in the horrendous slaughter in the town which is just 55 miles north of the de facto ISIS capital Raqqa.

This latest discovery is just one of a string of mass casualty war crimes discovered in the country which has been at war since 2011.

In April, the Syrian Army, loyal to President Bashr al Assad, also discovered a mass grave with dozens of corpses, women and children among them, in Palmyra, the ancient city which was devastated by ISIS.mass grave

Famous for its ancient ruins the terrorists took over and began beheading those who lived there without reason.

They also killed many of their own fighters burning dozens of jihadis alive after they ran from a battlefield.

mass grave
Deir el-Zour, Syria
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