Meryl Streep Under Investigation For Covering-Up Harvey Weinstein’s Crimes

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Meryl Streep investigated for helping to cover-up Harvey Weinstein's sexual crimes

Meryl Streep is under investigation for covering-up the numerous sexual crimes committed by disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

An avalanche of complaints about her potentially helping to procure vulnerable actors for the sexual predator as well as cover-up his misdeeds have been submitted to the Los Angeles Police Department.

And now a street artist is also calling Meryl Streep on her bullsh*t. reports: Posters showing the “The Post” actress standing with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein have been popping up across Los Angeles, Twitter posts indicate. The artist, who has yet to be identified, placed a red banner with the words, “She knew,” over Streep’s eyes.

The images began appearing around the City of Angels following a Monday statement from the 68-year-old actress in which she claimed Weinstein “made sure” she didn’t know about his perverted antics.

She went on to claim that he used his association to her “to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt.”

Meryl Streep reveals she’s faced ‘real physical violence’

Streep alleged that she issued the statement in response to a since-deleted tweet from Rose McGowan, who accused Weinstein of raping her early in her career.

In the post, McGowan labeled Streep a hypocrite for calling on women to wear black to the Golden Globes to protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood. She pointed out that Streep, and other actresses, “happily worked for the Pig Monster.”

“YOUR SILENCE is THE problem,” she tweeted. “You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real change. I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe you should all wear Marchesa.”

Georgina Chapman, Weinstein’s estranged wife, is the co-founder of the label.

McGowan later clarified that she “did not accuse” Streep of knowing what crimes Weinstein committed.

“F off .@vogueAustralia I did not accuse her of that,” McGowan tweeted.

“Step back.”

Streep has not yet responded to the posters.


  1. As an accessory to the crime, after the fact, she is deserving of the same penalties under the law as the perpetrator.

  2. I’m sure Meryl will have secured her name on an Hollywood elite doomsday bunker door where she can run and hide as the shit hits the fan.

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