MIA: Hillary Clinton Murdered Gaddafi’s Son

Fact checked
MIA says that Hillary Clinton murdered Gaddafi's son

Rapper MIA has accused Hillary Clinton of murdering Colonel Gaddafi’s son in a startling Instagram post.

The now deleted post on the star’s Instagram account shows a picture of Gaddafi’s son pictured with Hillary Clinton, with the following caption underneath:

Today!!! I just took this photo into the tailors in Asia to have this suit copied. The tailors tried to charge me 300 quid and I couldn’t decide if liked the red one or the brown one.

Hillary got a new book out today called #whathappened? It’s what I ask about this photo because she killed this guy (son of Gadaffi) soon after the photo was taken.

The rappers Instagram post has since been uploaded to Reddit.

According to one Reddit user:

You know what I find funny in a terrible way, that it was the President of the fucking USA that coined the phrase Military Industrial Complex. Not some conspiracy nut or anti government group, no the actual fucking President.

Then the very next US president gave a lengthy speech about a secret monolithic organization trying to usurp Governmental powers. He was dead months later.

But today the brainwashed public seeks to make fun of things like the Illuminate or NWO when really those are just rebrandings of the MIC. So make fun while being fucked raw by the true powers.