Michael Moore Compares POTUS to Coronavirus: “Who’s More Dangerous?”

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Michael Moore compares Trump to the Coronavirus and asks who is more dangerous

Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore suggested President Trump was “more dangerous” than the deadly coronavirus during a recent appearance on MSNBC.

“If you have the president telling people it’s a hoax — that there’s nothing to worry about, that it will disappear as he said yesterday, and it’ll be a miracle … which is more dangerous?” Moore asked during an interview with host Brian Williams.

“The virus or a president who says that,” Moore said.

“Because at least if we were honest and knew everything about the virus, and the facts were all out there, science could start to deal with it,” Moore continued.

“Whatever inoculation, whatever we need to come up with, whatever we need to invent, we can start that process.” 

Breitbart.com reports: Earlier in the segment, Williams erroneously claimed that President Trump called the coronavirus a hoax, when in fact the president used the term “hoax” to describe Democrats’ attempts to politicize the virus and use it as a political weapon.

“This is about to become people’s realities on local news. And local news comes roaring back into our lives when we are concerned about our surroundings, our brothers, our sisters, our community. That’s going to become the truth for people. Talk about the danger of the president calling this a hoax,” Williams said to Moore.

Moore also falsely claimed that President Trump told Americans that “there’s nothing to worry about” when it comes to the coronavirus.

In fact, the president said during Thursday’s White House press conference: “There’s a chance that it won’t spread too, and there’s a chance that it will, and then it’s a question of at what level.”

Actor Alec Baldwin separately capitalized on coronavirus fears to make a political jab at President Trump, tweeting that the commander in chief is the true “pandemic that threatens the world.”

Moore and Baldwin are the latest Hollywood figures to spread and repeat fake news about the coronavirus.

Actress Debra Messing repeated the discredited claim that President Trump cut funding for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), thereby making the country more vulnerable to a possible pandemic. But those proposed cuts never went into effect, and Congress has actually increased CDC funding.

Cher tweeted separately on Saturday the false claim that President Donald Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax” created by Democrats when in fact the president used “hoax” to describe the Democratic Party’s effort to politicize the illness.

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