Millionaire Rapper Blac Youngsta Detained By Atlanta Police By Mistake

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Rapper ‘Blac Youngsta’ was detained outside an Atlanta bank after withdrawing $200,000 on Friday.

In a case of mistaken identity, the Georgia Wells Fargo bank confused him with a suspected check fraudster. The 25-year-old millionaire said they targeted him because he was black and rich and didn’t fit their stereotype.

NY Daily News reports:

Sam Benson, who goes by the stage name Blac Youngsta, says he’s a millionaire and he definitely had enough socked away to withdraw $200,000 to buy a new luxury sedan.

He and his entourage stopped by a Wells Fargo Friday afternoon during a tour stop in Atlanta, but his plan to purchase a Mercedes-Maybach S600 worth $189,000 was thwarted because of mistaken identity.

Blac Youngsta says he was confronted by police with their guns drawn after the bank confused the 25-year-old performer for a wanted fraudster cashing in on bogus checks.

“Wells Fargo came out like everything was cool, but (the employee) called the police on me,” he told the Daily News.Atlanta

Blac Youngsta has no problem with police even though he claims they briefly confiscated half of his hard-earned cash. His ire lies with the bank.

“They targeted me just because I was young and black … I had too much money,” the rapper told the Daily News.

His manager managed to snap a photo of the Memphis, Tenn., native as police began unhooking his handcuffs, realizing Blac Youngsta was not the wanted perp.

Benson was among three people detained in the bank’s parking lot for about an hour as authorities searched a black SUV.

“Feels good to be legit,” wrote Blac Youngsta, who posted a video to Instagram as he flipped through a fat stack of cash.

The rapper was signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label in 2015, a year after he released the album “Heavy” as Blac Youngsta.

One of Blac Youngsta’s biggest complaints about the incident was chilly weather, made worse as police stripped him of his jacket.

“I had a muscle shirt on and it was dead cold out there,” he added.

The alleged forger that inspired Blac Youngsta’s detention, Charles D. Edward, was captured at the bank a short time later after he cashed a fraudulent $24,000 check.

“This incident did not directly involve Blac Youngsta, nor was he accused of committing a crime,” officials later said.


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