‘Money for war, not to save lives’

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'Money for war, not to save lives'

US President Barack Obama has warned David Cameron not to slash the UK defense budget.

Obama insisted to the British prime minister that a failure to hit the 2 per cent of GDP spending target would undermine the NATO.

The US president made the direct appeal during private meetings when the Prime Minister visited Washington back in January, The Telegraph reported.

Treasury is expected to cut £1 billion a year from the Ministry of Defense budget in an attempt to fill the country’s budget shortfall.

Obama has warned Cameron that “if Britain doesn’t spend 2 per cent on defense, then no one in Europe will.”

Reports say the US has been piling pressure at a “high level.”

Now a London-based anti-war activist says maintaining defense budget is not fair as Britons live under tough austerity measures by the government.

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