Mummy Rabbit Attacks Killer Snake- Video

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A mother rabbit back-flip kicked a snake in the head causing it to run for his life after two of her bunnies were found dead in his presence.

mummy rabbit

The mum of three little bunnies had two of her babies killed by a snake.

The mother rabbit came across a black snake in a residential garden who was in the process of suffocating her third baby bunny.
The rabbit pounces on the wriggling snake and manages to free one of her little bunnies. But when she finds the other two are dead she starts to whip the snake and chases the serpent out of the garden.
The black snake is repeatedly bitten, kicked and chased by the grieving mother.
Even after managing to bite the rabbit, the retreating reptile gets a back-flip kick in the head before wriggling for his life out of the garden, all the while defending a rearguard assault from the ferocious mummy bunny.

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