MUST WATCH VIDEO: CDC “Whistleblower” Now Says He’d NEVER Inject His Pregnant Wife with a Flu Shot!

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An interesting video from TruthStreamMedia was posted two days ago.  According to the description: “This is enough to make you throw up, so sorry in advance. Listen to this man who works for the CDC say that he’d NEVER inject his pregnant wife with a flu shot because he is confident that thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative still contained in these shots, causes TICS and there is evidence thimerosal also causes “autism-like features”.

WHERE’S HIS SCIENTIFIC STUDY ON THAT?! HUH?! Why isn’t he on any media outlet screaming this one from the rooftops?! He goes on to ask, “Do you think a pregnant mother would want to take a vaccine that they knew caused tics?” OF COURSE NOT, but NO ONE IS TELLING THESE WOMEN THE VERY REAL RISKS THAT THESE SHOTS COULD POTENTIALLY DAMAGE THEIR UNBORN CHILDREN FOREVER!!!

Why is that? In large part, BECAUSE OF HIS EMPLOYER, THE revolving door gatekeepers at the CDC!”

Royce Christyn

Royce Christyn

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Royce Christyn

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