NASA Astronaut Saw ‘Dead Aliens’ In Unseen Roswell Video

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NASA astronaut saw dead aliens in rare Roswell video

New evidence has emerged that NASA astronaut Lt Col Ellison Onizuka witnessed footage of dead aliens who were experimented on in Roswell.

According to former NASA spacecraft operator Clark C McClelland, Onizuka revealed to him shortly before his death that he had seen disturbing footage of dead aliens that appeared humanoid in shape, as part of NASA’s psychological assessment of its astronauts at the time.

In an article, titled Alien Disclosure, Mclelland claims:

“They were all startled when a view of a facility similar to a medical examination room appeared on the screen, and small bodies were observed lying on slabs.

He heard several excited comments by the other officers seated near him. The small, strange looking creatures were humanoid in shape and appeared similar to those described by alleged witnesses at the well-known Roswell site in the Southwest USA in 1947.

They all had large heads, large eyes, slight torsos, arms, and legs. They did not appear to be of earthly origin.” reports:

In the article, titled Alien Disclosure From an Astronaut, Mclelland claims:

Why NASA would have shown astronauts footage of alien corpses is unclear although Mclelland posited the notion that it could have been some kind of psychological test to see how the astronauts reacted to the footage.

Mclelland, of course, has been widely criticized for some of his outlandish claims in the past and despite claiming to be a former NASA ScO (Spacecraft operator) isn’t listed on the websites of NASA or any other similar government agencies who would normally keep records of said individuals.

Whether this is due to him never having been an astronaut or the government having expunged all his official records is a matter still being disputed. Mclelland said of his lack of official records on his website:

“History is created, manipulated, and written by those who are predominantly on the victorious side of the nation which has supreme political — and especially military — dominance. Any “truth” which has the slightest potential of weakening their total hold over the masses is not tolerated.”


Mclelland in his defense does have written testimony from former astronauts who are listed on the NASA website that he did indeed work for NASA in some capacity. He is also far from the first former NASA employee who claims to have seen evidence of aliens, several of whom were astronauts.

The number of stories surrounding the Roswell incident is are numerous and in addition to the witnesses who saw the crash at the time an ever increasing number of individuals have come forward in the decades since claiming to have seen footage of alien autopsies, bodies and the crash site itself.

It is widely believed that the remains of the aliens that crashed at Roswell were taken to Area 51, the top secret U.S military base located in the Nevada desert.

The military at the time claimed that the crashed craft was merely a weather balloon although more recently admitted that the balloon was in fact used for nuclear test surveillance.


  1. Well, I’ve seen the original “Independence Day” with Will Smith several times. That indeed was a gory autopsy on the alien! From above: “They were all startled when a view of a facility similar to a
    medical examination room appeared
    *on the screen,*
    and small bodies were
    observed lying on slabs.”

  2. “In some capacity”? Really? How insulting Sean..McClelland oversaw over 800 successful shuttle launches

  3. It seems Lt Col Ellison Onizuka is alive and well – as are the rest of his Challenger colleagues!

  4. Could someone tell me why most of this “dreams” (i don’t even know how to tell it) happened in America ? Why they never come in France ?? Are we poor so much ?

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