NATO Is Ready For A Direct Confrontation With Russia Says Top NATO Official

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Admiral Rob Bauer, head of the NATO Military Committee has said that the Alliance is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia.

Admiral Bauer, who is is the 33rd Chair of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, made his comments during an interview with RTP, a Portuguese public broadcasting organisation this week.

Joe Biden also announced this week he is sending tanks to Ukraine to fight Russia.

Pravda reports: Bauer recalled that during the NATO summit in Madrid last year the Alliance decided to establish four additional multinational battlegroups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

“This is an important signal for Russia… That we are prepared if they decide to go after NATO. This is a red line. If there is a red line, then it is the Russians crossing our borders,” the Chair of the NATO Military Committee said.

Bauer said that NATO countries ought to gear civilian industrial production to the needs of the military and expressed his support for the idea of a “war economy in peacetime”.

He added that he believes that Russia’s strategic objectives go beyond Ukraine, with Moscow wanting to claim the territory of the former Soviet Union.


  1. Look they wanted to start in 2014 to be in time with ww1 They like to run them like that, but Putin didn’t buy unto their assassination of Russias top general like they wanted For some reason. Anyway then if Clinton had gotten in rather than Trump they would have started then, but she didn’t For some reason Obo wouldn’t push it but kept the war industrialists happy by dropping 200 bombs per day on Moslems everyday for years Which the media all kept out of the news.For
    some reason. Anyway, if Putin had unleashed a nuclear holocaust preemptive of natos plannings then they would have historucally the pearl Harbour entrapment to play to their advantage as the innocents so he has had to wait and watch them gather strength. They’ve already sentenced Putin and the Oligarch’s to Death as War criminals though so Putin had nothing to lose They wouldn’t ever change their minds They never do Mercy compassion forgiveness aren’t in their nature at all.
    Anyway either Revelations is coming soon or Russias going to be Crown Lands for England’s royal family soon and Putin s dead man walking That’s the basic options atm.

  2. The leaders want all-out war but the general population is not enthusiastic. They have a remedy for that. It is called a false flag attack. It has been used successfully many times in history.

    • En storm kommer… Fra asken fra den gamle verden skal en ny flamme tennes… Verden vår skal brenne, frykt og tvil forsvinne i ilden… Jeg er tvunget til å skrive på flere språk fordi: 1. De fleste i USA har blitt hjernevasket til å tro at jødene er deres redning; og 2., engelsken deres er dritt og de kan ikke være stille lenge nok til å høre eller se hva som åpenbart skjer rundt dem.

      Jødisk messianisme har spredt sitt giftige budskap blant oss i nesten to tusen år. Demokratiske og kommunistiske universalisme er nyere, men de har bare kommet for å forsterke den gamle jødiske fortellingen. Dette er de samme idealene.

      De transnasjonale, transrasiale, transseksuelle, transkulturelle idealene som disse ideologiene forkynner for oss (utover folkeslag, rase, kultur) og er den daglige næring i skolene våre, i våre media, i vår populærkultur, hos universitetene og på gatene våre, har vår biosymbolske identitet og vår etniske stolthet redusert til sitt minimale uttrykk.

      Ingen land kjører sitt eget løp i denne invasjonen fordi det hele er en politisk agenda ledet av FN og presset frem av jødene og deres marionetter (politikere). De fleste vil bare ikke vite eller forstå at dette er en politisk agenda. Noen klarer imidlertid å forstå at politikerne bevisst jobber med å importere muslimer og erstatte folket, men det er omtrent det, de er som en datamaskin som ikke kan fortsette fordi programmet ikke tillater det.

  3. Yes, NATO is ready for hyper sonic missiles, stealth aircraft, from a Nation like Russia.
    they been training for this for decades machine gunning goat herders in open fields with helicopters out of sight with cannons.
    This Russia thing should be easy for them after destroying so many third world countries like Egypt, somalia, Oman, lybia, Iraq, syria, congo, angola, chad. Heck taking on Russia will be a cake walk. Idiots, I hope russia wipes them out completely. God bless Russia.
    NATO, get ready to be force fed the biggest plate of Shit you can ever imagine. complete dumasses.

  4. NATO taking on Russia, is like trying to beat the crap out of Giant sponge with your fists. You can’t defeat it. punch all you want. Russia will never be occupied. History shows that any attempt will be futile and deadly.

  5. NATO, the entity that owns no land has become too big for its britches and wants to conquer the world. Kill it before it creates a mass global extinction.

  6. Wonder why Newspunch takes down MY posts when others write as
    “horrible” things as I do!
    Jewish Nazism, of course! And Jewish Censorship!

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  8. It will be the pleasure of a lifetime seeing NATO get totally destroyed by
    White Christian Russia!
    If the Nazis of NATO could read, they’d check the Bible to find out how
    the Great Battle Between God And Satan will end!

  9. NATO Is Ready For A Direct Confrontation TRANSLATION… A third world war would serve the Terran Empire well. The very day Russia got the green light to drop the COVID dog and pony show and roll into the Donbas I said this could be the nexus point for the globalist’s third world war. Is it really just a ‘coincidence’ that all those biowarfare labs HAPPEN to be parked in the Donbas area? I believe this is the best way the globalists can take down the USA / EU … citizen ‘systems’ down. We’re in a war ya know. Better shut up and “do your part” we could get hit with a (fill in the blank) any second “don’t you know!!!”

    • Protocols of Zion: Protocol X – Preparing for Power . . . ❝…utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the GOYÌM see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and all else.http : // www . renegadetribune . com/protocols-of-zion-protocol-x-preparing-for-power/

  10. Do these idiots realize the Russian have nukes parked just off shore in subs?… This is suicide for both sides!

  11. NATO may be “ready,” but it’s doubtful the people of Europe are willing to go this route. Another sign NATO in the White House is getting Desperate as they see their World Colonial ambitions twarded.

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